Where to sit

I'll be visiting from NB and planning to attend the game in Toronto on July 3. Can anyone tell me where the visitors section is at the Rogers Centre?
It would be nice to sit among some fellow fans instead of plopping myself down in the middle of enemy territory.

behind the visitor bench..

Actually, there's no safe place for TiCat fans in the concrete convertible. Plus, Rogers is an evil empire making me think the dome formerly known as Sky may be the gates of hell. For a better CFL experience, schedule a trip to our beloved IWS.

When you buy or order your tickets just tell them exactly what you've put here and they'll try and accomodate you. It's not a guarantee but most teams try and at least somewhat group opposition fans in the same area.
Good luck and enjoy the game.

Sit behind the visitors bench near the end zone. I went to a Roughriders game in Toronto because my Dad got tickets and there was a huge rough rider section in that area.