Where to sit at RS

So, a couple buddies and I want to go to the game this weekend. What section should we buy tickets for? I want to see with fellow fans.

Anywhere on the west side of the stadium. I just checked Ticketmaster and there are seats in Section 127 available for $48 and then higher priced closer to midfield behind the Ti-Cats bench - which are as high as $95 per ticket

I'll be in 134a but as a general rule, you can't go wrong sitting on the side of the visitors bench save section 134b where there is an rowdy Argo supporter group with drums there.

Personally, I like to sit in the 2nd bowl (200s).... I find the sight lines much better.

Agreed 100% Been doing that for many years. Even by the goal line and at the side of he endzone is good.

Get the cheapest ticket you can and then move around. I just looked at ticketmaster and still tons of empty seats.

I may need to just to be able to find a suitable place to sit down. Something I couldn't do at last season's eastern final.

Still TONS of Seats left, Something is not right here, have people turned ??? :frowning:

Those in Toronto have never supported that team very well. For Hamilton fans, it may be a dislike for the facility, the travel, the parking.....I live in Mississauga and I understand their pain.

I am looking forward to the game but not going to Skydome

I think the big thing, at least in my group is that a lot of us are going to Ottawa next week to check out their new stadium. So if you have the choice to go back to the tired dome, with it's bad sight lines, overbearing security and blatantly overpriced beer in TO vs going to a new facility with decent sight lines from what we've been told, unknown security and blatantly overpriced beer in Ottawa, which one do you chose?

I would love to go to Ottawa to see the stadium and the game.

No, I don't like Skydome.

However, it's all I can afford at this time.

I am going to Ottawa next week and I am looking forward to it :rockin: as for SkyDump, the environment there is the worst in Sports :thdn: that is the main reason I am not going, and they wonder why there is a problem there :roll: 3 more years at SkyDump will kill the Argos :thdn: