where to sit at Ivor wynne?

Hi there,

I will be attending my first ever Ticat games this season and am wondering where to buy seats. which side is best in terms of party atmosphere vs. relaxed atmosphere? which side has the home side vs. the visitor's bench?

Is there a particular side where younger people tend to go to? For example, in winnipeg the bomber stadium east side is generally a younger and rowdier crowd compared to the west side.



I have had the experience of seeing a game on both sides of the field . I prefere the north side of ivor wynne as i feel it can be alot more rowdy when we have something to cheer about . i purchase season tickets on this side and would never change it as for the age from what i have seen it varies

The north side has more sun (technically, but I am joking). :wink: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Both team benches are on that side -- you are right on top of the dugouts that each team's bench has and some of the banter between fans and visiting players in particular is legendary! LOL

When at IWS, I prefer sitting in the north stand.

Oski Wee Wee,

north side is much more fun

Oh-oh I see a North side vs. South side debate coming up. I like the North side because of the team bench factor, the south side because there is less sun and the endzone because I can move if there is someone sitting near me who is ticking me off :wink:

Oh-oh indeed BG. I really was surprised at Frank Clair stadium when the loudest cheers all game were the South stands screamin that the North Side "S...."

May the whole crowd at IWS always aim at the other team, and never at ourselves!

I think the bands and cheerleaders always do their on field routines for the South Stands. The play is visible from every seat in the house.....

Party-hearty everywhere, but watch the game!

Oskee wee wee

The north side has always been considered the rowdiest of the two over the years, even before the present stands were built. Part of the reason being like others have said, the players benches are on that side.
Cat bench is in the east end in front of the "infamous" Box J, so try for seats in sections 7, 8, 9 etc.

Summer day games can be hot on that side, with the sun in your face, but that is no big deal.

Half-time shows traditionally play to the south stands, where the press boxes are located, so depending on your likings, that could be another bonus of the north side. :lol:

If money is no object then box I is the clear choice.

Sadly, the class of people sitting in Box I has really gone down hill over the years. It's amazing who they let sit there these days...

Just kidding, Brad :wink:

If you're into mocking, heckling and trying to humilate the QB and other players of the team you're supposedly supporting then sit in and around Box J.
They're great ambassadors.

North Side for sure, up higher in section 7. You can't beat the view.

I think the North side is more steep than the South so you feel like you are right on top of the action.

Sit in Box J, and yell "Arrrrrrrrrrrrgooooooooooos"

That'll liven up your day.

When I lived in Ontario (Hamilton) the first 2 years( 93-94) I had seasons seats in section 8 and they were very decent seats. The 3 years after that I had seats in the back row of Box I and loved them even more. Far enough away to see everything and close enough to get a better perspective than most.

Pretty much anywhere in the north stands but Box J unless you like obnoxious people.

End zone baby!!!

Not all of us in Box J are obnoxious - some of us are merely disgusting, irritating dirt-bags.

Yes it is great Spot I will Miss Box J .

What is Sec 8 Like I am sitting there now

Sec 8 - depends on whether you prefer to watch what's happening on the Ticats bench or the field.

Watch out for the bug storms though - it can get like that 70's flick Damnation Alley where a cloud of bugs rips through town and devours everything not made of steel or stone.

And don't expect to see many beer sherpas up high - you've got to trek down to base camp if that urge needs filling.

i find the north side to be a little more rowdy. where ever you sit is great, there is not a bad seat in the house. my personal favourite area is section 26, 55 yard line and little far up.

To be clear - I love all Ticat fans equally.

But here's what I don't understand: why do some of you not like the Box J Boys?

Seems to me that they are individually a perfect cross section of Ticat fans everywhere.

Their only unique feature is that they've figured out how to brand themselves as a group.

And as a marketing dweeb (an affectionate insult from my engineering buddies) I have to tip my hat to the consistency and reach the Box J Boys have achieved with their yellow-tartan-kilt brand.

Perhaps we need to empower other boxes, or even sections of the stadium to come up with their own brands.

The "Box I Instigators" or the "Section 28 Jesse-s" or whatever.

Don't get angry, get even. :wink:

Cheers, Bob.


I don't think the kilted Box J Boys are the problem that most people identify with in that section. Some might find them loud, but heck, it's a football game. Actully I see them under the stands "socializing" more than in the stands!

For most people, it is the boorish people who have taken root closer to the TiCat bench who think it is their God given right to deride the players, especially anyone who plays QB.

Game after game, these same people are in the players faces, to the point that some of the players over the years have reacted, only to leave themselves open to more derision by these same fans and the press. Obviously by the comments here over the past few years, even fans in other sections notice this.

In case you don't think I know of what I speak, I have had tickets in that section for 25yrs, after moving from another section. At one time it was an exciting and football smart group, no longer.
And before someone says if I don't like it move, this year we finally made the decision to relocate.

Having said that, I want to say this does not include the majority of the faithful and loyal fans of Box J. Looking forward to a great year.