Where to sit at BMO?

Hello all.

Ti-Cat fan born and raised in Hamilton living in Edmonton. I will be in Hamilton the during week two of the season. Since the Cats will be Playing down the QEW that week, I thought I would go to the game. Where do most Tiger-Cat Fans sit at BMO? I would like to be in the middle of all that.

Try section 222 or 102, both behind the Ticats bench. That’s where the majority of 'Cats fans sit.

Don’t think there is a section 102 at BMO.

section 121 and 122 are the two lower level sections behind the visitors bench. 122 is closer to the centre so it is one price level higher than 121.

222 is the second level behind the bench, a little more centre, and same price level is 121.

I would say 122 is best, then 222 or 121, depending on what level you want to be on.


Stay on the west side for afternoon games. The sun on the east side is brutal.

If it is anything like THF, I would have to agree. Especially if you decide to wear black.

Thanks for the replies guys.

One thing I need to say. I frikin HATE ticketmaster. There were only 2 seats left in section 122. tm would not let me just select one. So I went to section 222, found an acceptable seat, clicked on “get tickets” and I get this,
We apologize. We are unable to complete your request on this device.

So that you may continue to shop, we recommend using a different device (laptop, phone, tablet, etc.).

This is the same computer I used earlier today to buy Grey Cup tickets. WTF ticketmaster aka the devil.

Forget ticketmaster, give stubhub a look. My guess is that you will be able to pick up good seats once season ticket holders firm up their plans for the summer and realize they have to dump some tickets.

ahe is talking about a game at BMO Field. There is NO WAY that "only" a few seats remain...