where to party before and after the game ?

I am going to my first game this season,we r spending the night in Guelph so we can have some cocktails! where do Ticats fans party pre and post game? any suggestions Thanks

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo wild wings, for sure - within walking distance of the stadium. If you are looking for a different place with great casual food and bevvies, try Borealis on Gordon St. or the Woolwich Arms downtown.

I remembered that our food editor, I mean sports writer, Drew Edwards :lol: :lol: wrote a blog about places to eat in Guelph in his blog. I consider places to party different from places to eat, however. Here is a reprint of it.

  1. The Albion Hotel. Corner of Gordon and Macdonnell downtown, right across from the church. Nice outdoor patio, great food, lots of history - Al Capone once drank there, legend has it. Used to be a dive bar, now upscale pub.

  2. Borealis. On Gordon Street on the way to the stadium. Slogan is “A Taste of Ontario? and focus is local ingredients and beers. There's a restaurant side, a pub side and a patio.

  3. Buon Gusto. New pizza joint on St. George's Square downtown, to the left of Old Quebec Street Mall. Stone-fired old school pizzas, awesome eggplant parm.

  4. The Woolwich Arms. Called the Wooly it's another iconic joint locate other side of downtown on Yarmouth Street. Pub fare, craft beers, cozy atmosphere. Same ownership group as Borealis.

  5. The Shakespeare Arms. It's in a strip mall within walking distance of the stadium (it's in the same plaza as Buffalo Wild Wings.) Faux Irish pub, decent food, great atmosphere.
    Feeling a bit more adventurous? Here's a few more. There's an amazing authentic Mexican place called Senor Chipotle on Willow Road, The Other Brother's is an upscale joint on Yarmouth where I'm ordering duck confit six days a week a twice on Sundays, the Fat Duck on Kortright is a killer gastro pub (mushrooms and Stilton on toast with a pint please). And if you're feeling really crazy, Langdon Hall is Cambridge was ranked among the top 100 restaurants in the world at one time. The nine-course tasting menu is $125 and the wine pairings are $95. It's worth doing once... like the Elvis platter.

I mentioned Buffalo Wild Wings earlier in this thread. Drew, for some reason did not include it even though they are a sponsor of the Ti-Cats. I will admit I have a bias in recommending B-Dub