Where to go in the Mighty "O"...

Hey Supersmith and others…

I’m in Ottawa (last minute) this weekend. Where should one go for a good time? There’s that trendy area west of Parliament, no? Any hotels nearby?

I was hoping the Gades were playing for my first Frank Clair experience but alas… :wink:

bump to top…c’mon, I have about 15 minutes of business there…then it’s Miller time…

You should have warn our fellow Ottawa friends before you arrived in town. They might have planned to go for a beer with the foreign huddlite you are.

If no one answers in time, my suggestion to you is to go drown your sadness of being alone in sugar. There’s the “Oh So good” and the “Piccolo Grande” in Ottawa that respectively serve the best cakes and ice cream. That’s somewhere downtown…

And yes, I admit it doesn’t fit very well with beer, but that’s about the stand-out places I know in Ottawa.

Shoot Eski-Moses, I hope I’m not too late.

There are lots of watering holes on Elgin St., that’s the street that leads to the War Memorial. Lots of outdoor patios.
The Bare Fax “ballet” can be found in th Byward Market. There are lots of hot bars in the market area too.
Want a good steak? Try Al’s Steakhouse on Elgin St. Tell Sammy Garry Smith sent you.
Next door to that is Big Daddy’s Crabshack, owned by former Ottawa Rough Rider Val Belcher.
Or you could try other nite spots on Elgin St.close by, like Woody’s, or even go to Bank St.four blocks West (and parallel to Elgin st.)
Now if you want wall to wall chicks, head on over to the many hotspots in Gatineau (formerly Hull). Just watch out for the rich punks who have a tendecy to get in fights over there at the drop of a hat if you look at their chicks.

Now, on the lighter side. there are many things to see downtown, like The Parliament Bldgs, The Chateau Laurier Hotel, just down the street from the Hill, or go down behind the Chateau and visit the Locks. There are tons of Museums. Go to the Aviation Museum, The War Museum, The National Art Gallery, The Mint, The Science and Technology Museum, etc.
And check out Frank Clair Stad. on Bank St.
And if you want to see how far The Corel Centre is from downtown Ottawa for yourself, take the 417 West to Kanata. You will probably be able to take a walk around inside.

You know what Eski? Just have a good time. It’s not that hard to come by regardless of what you might have heard.

Let me know if you got this on time.

I doubt Eski-Moses would go any place with “Als” in its name… :wink:

Incorrect, monsieur Turd! I wounldnt go because if I did mention Garry Smith, I would probably get thrown out on my ass! :wink:

Thanks a lot for the advice, gents! I remember Elgin, its right in that area named after some military type, correct…on wait, I think that would be Byward…regarldess, thanks again.

I take the train first thing tomorrow morning and Im back sunday asap…too much work…and all just to tell some poor sap that hes screwed. Fifteen minutes so Ill have the afternoon to check out a sports bar…any suggestions would also be mucho appreciated!

Yeah, FC stadium would be nice. Just wanna walk across that bridge. Also wanna go for a run along the Rideau…depending on how good a time I have the previous night. 8)

Yeah, drove past the Corel once. I canèt imagine going that far outta town 40 times a year. I wonder what the season ticket numbers are…er, were like!

Gatineau hey, …weèll see, hehe!

If your looking for a pub for good beer and good music you can try Gracie O’Malley’s. Or else you can head down to the ‘market’ area and try Rosie O’Grady’s or the Heart and Crown. When I lived in Ottawa I always found those places fun to go to at night.

I found the aviation museum quite interesting if you like planes and the history behind them.

He He He He!!! :lol: