Where to go before and after the game?

I'm bringing some first-timers to the game on Saturday. Any suggestions for places to get food and drink before and after the game. I'm trying to give them a festive experience. Thanks for your input!


7-11 at Main & Ottawa.
The decor ain't great but the drinks are cheap.

endzone bar&grill located at 1900 king street east Hamilton,they sponsor the ticats,and i've seen a few ticats at endzone this season,endzone is the best place.

The stock joke answer to a question like that used to be "HPH", but I don't think you're allowed to joke about things like that anymore.

The End Zone is a fine choice, or if you are coming from Niagara (as your login name suggests), The Attic Pizza Parlor on King St. in Stoney Creek would also be a good choice.

For people who drive there is plenty far away from the stadium.If you want to eat close by the stadium you are out of luck.You would be forced to eat subway Crappy Ds (Macdonalds) or timmys(Tim hortons).The the worst thing about this stadium!