Where to find attendence numbers?

Here is a link to find the capacity of stadiums:


Does anyone know where to find the attendence of the games?

This past week capacity was 160,551 people. I had predicted attendance of 125,123 at FSN but they say attendance was 87,826. Even with bad weather in Regina, that number seems way too low. Edmonton and Toronto alone should have reached those totals.

I think that the webmasters are working on that.

there is also problems with the scoring on FSN, cuz it showed that Sask and Edm had scores in the 30's when they had scores in the 40's.

That whole site is just messed up.

Total attendance for the week was 110,853.

Montreal - 20202
Edmonton - 36912
Toronto - 30712
Saskatchewan - 23027

I guessed 106202...Forgot Toronto was having the grey cup banner raising :frowning:

I got the numbers off the sportsnet.ca game summaries

As for FSN, i can understand having no information in case they haven’t gotten around to it (Well…i couldn’t forgive it, but at least it makes sense)

But to have WRONG information on there…how hard is it to put in the right stats? Either get the right stats or don’t put anything at all.