Where to buy REDBLACKS caps and tees in OTTAWA?

Where in Ottawa is REDBLACKS merchandise being sold?

I can only speak for a few places in the west end, but I know they are selling merchandise at Sports Experts in Bayshore and Lids (hats only) in Carlingwood. Don't know about anywhere else, though. I believe there was a Facebook release about where merchandise was being sold.

Just to let y'all know I purchased a REDBLACKS cap and tee at Sports Expert Rideau Centre, and they had plenty of stock!

The CFL Shop has a bunch of RedBlacks Merchandise :thup:

[url=http://www.cflshop.ca/all-products/browse/team/2REDBLACKS]http://www.cflshop.ca/all-products/brow ... 2REDBLACKS[/url]

Bought another REDBLACKS hat at Lids at Carlingwood. Interestingly, the 'kid' working the register told me after Blues Jays merch, REDBLACKS were #2 in sales! :rockin:

I not to sure about caps and tees,but I know where you can get really good endzone turf for your new team :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Good to have you back :wink: GO Checkerboards...And if for some reason your stadium isnt ready for next year,you could play here with us in Guelph...end zones tailor made for a team called the REDBLACKS :slight_smile:

I wish they would sell the normal fitted or adjustable caps instead of the "flex" style. Those of us with giant noggins (75/8+) can't wear those as they're simply too tight. A distressed t-shirt would also be cool.

Got mine at Sports Experts in Place Orleans.

Hey everyone, I'm new to this site! :slight_smile:

Is there anywhere closer to Kanata that sells RedBlacks t-shirts or hats?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

I've seen them in the window at Elgin Sports on Bank Street in Ottawa.

The Clubhouse in Kanata Centrum has tons and tons of Redblacks stuff..even some stuff I haven't yet seen on the CFL shop website.

The order was probably placed with Reebok and then it will get sent to China and then put in the Q for the little children to make them. They should show up in the coming months when the containers with Reebok stuff shows up.

giant tiger is selling a bunch of cfl gear here in Ottawa..:slight_smile:

I google imaged Ottawa REDBLACK Merchandise and here's some of the neat stuff that was on there,don't know if all of it's available or not yet for sale,but it was interesting none the less :slight_smile:


Are there actually people out there who find the Arby's thing either clever or funny? That's interesting...

The one guy who keeps posting it thinks it's funny, but I don't get it at all. REDBLACKS is one word the initial is "R" NOT RB
That's why Hunt went with the one word "R" so they can use the big "R" on the helmet, not RB. It's like Saskatchewan with the Roughriders - its' one word that's why you never see RR for Sask it's just the "R"

Oh good, it's not just me then...

I don't foresee RB's being used in any way either. Why would you abbreviate to something with the same number of syllables? :?

No it's not just you. Plus there's like 2 locations left in Ottawa-Gatineau!! Go ROUGE et Noir... REDBLACKS Advance!! :rockin:

The REDBLACKS saw is availalbe:


No thanks, I’ll wait for the Zach Collaros bobblehead! :wink: