Where to buy Als retro gear in Montreal?


Does anybody here know where in Montreal one might be able to acquire the long-sleeve Alouettes retro jersey?

(This one: [url]http://www.cflshop.ca/istar.asp?a=6&id=R8100-MON!ROGE[/url] )

I'd like to avoid buying it online since I have no idea how it fits.

Are they sold at L'Équipeur?

They do not seem to be listed here: [url]http://boutique.montrealalouettes.com/home.php?cat=1[/url]

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as that jersey looks EXTREMELY awesome!

Thanks! :slight_smile:.

I would presume that they will have them available at Molson Stadium the next home game in one of the kiosks. Thursday July 23rd. Also try calling the ticket office and see if they have them in the small boutique there. (I'm not sure if the boutique still exists but it's worth a try 514-871-2255).

I have bought quite a few CFL items from here:


Jacques Moreau is the closest you can get, also it is possible a l'equipeur downtown may carry some Als gear, man the deal with l'Equipeur has to have been the stupidest deal ever, when the Capsule had the rights, they sold ton and they were readily avaialble in many places, who would think to buy Als gear at l'Equipeur, LArry f up on this one, it's not his first time doing so.