Where the heck do Hamilton fans park?????

I looked at a picture of your stadium in Hamilton and where on earth do you guys park????

Streets, strip malls, lawns... usually for $5-$10... it works nicely.

We have special underground parking right under the stadium, which was built as a stunt for the Pink Floyd concert of 1981. Nick Mason refused to play here in the Hammer unless he had a huge echo chamber to "alter the sound".

Actually, most of us pay to park on peoples' driveways and lawns, or at the former Scott Park school (to the south of Cannon Street on your map), and many take public transit.

also,Scott Park...across from the stadium

I found a parking spot years ago, i never pay to park, lol -

they park in the opposing teams endzone.

wherever you can find a spot. I usually park on side streets. Its sweet. has more of a community feel

Parking on peoples lawns is a Hamilton Tradition, that adds to the Game day fun!

To be fair, Fleming would take out the odd windshield with a single once every three games... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

and I hear that a few of the homeowners dont even mind either :lol:

Actually I don't believe that that many park on peoples' lawns. Many more park right on the street as I have been doing for man years.

if parking is an issue, I am surprised the ticats dont organize free bus park and ride shuttle for games. Surely there must be some appropriate places not to many kilosblocks from the stadium?

They do.

Show your Game Ticket up 5 Hours before and after the game and get Free Ride on the Hamilton Bus…

a regular bus, that like stops every block or so??

If it were me, I would prefer to drive to a park and ride, hop on a bus full of football fans, and go non stop to the stadium doors.

You can use any bus in the city, you can transfer and the Cats have shuttles that leave from 3-4 different locations that go right to the stadium and its all free with your game ticket.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/themes/hamilton2/pdf/brochure_ticket_to_ride.pdf]http://www.ticats.ca/themes/hamilton2/p ... o_ride.pdf[/url]

Take the bus, do it for Al Gore!

I found a great spot a few years ago and so as not to ever lose it, I left the car there.

Actually the Hamilton Street Railway and Ticats team up and provide free shuttle to and from the game. It’s a great way to go to the game. My son and I ride go on the bus everytime we go to the game.