TSN 1 is showing GOLF FN GOLF

TSN 2 is the Amazing Race ( not a sport )

Thanks TSN suits. Thanks for nothing.

I am watching it on TSN.CA but not the same.


It is a well paid walk in the park.

I've got the game on here on every channel but TSN2 . There's no Golf on anywhere . The Amazing Race Canada is on TSN2 followed by the 2017 Canada Summer Games starting right now as I post this at 8:30 . For the record my provider is Cogeco here in Hamilton . Who are you with there B-88 ??

Now it is on.

Half way through the second QTR.

How nice of TSN. >:( >:( >:( >:(

I am with Shaw.
At least I was able to watch the first QTR and half on tsn.ca
Just glad the stupid golf is over and can watch normal.

I have all the TSN channels, so i didnt have a problem.

Curious if the Als get a bump in attendance pandering to the rainbow crowd?

this isn't going well.

I was kinda hoping that Toronto would run away with the East Division, so that the ORBs could maybe overtake Montreal for that two spot.

Real sports fans have all 5 TSN’S

Agreed! 8)

Great win for the Als, the better team tonight. Fajardo looks like the real deal, maybe they win this game if he had of started. Argos, too many penalties.

Love Whitaker, great little back but Sutton is no slouch either. Durant is the best qb in the East and brings the leadership to the Als.

Fajardo definitely starts next week.
Has excellent wheels and although he made a few decent throws, has a weak arm.

It is rare that a CFL game is not on the main TSN .
As for getting all 5, they mostly all show the same thing at the same time anyway.
Not wasting my $$$$$.
I am fine with live internet if needed.

Yeah they should bring cfl back to. Cbc, as well as NHL. And keep it Canadian.

The CBC should be eliminated.

And RDS :wink:

Not a chance, CBC is what makes Canada , Canada;. Go CBC,

Please tell me you're joking..... that said we Canadians do like to waste a lot of money on garbage crap.........

Dead serious, Bud. We needn't to keep our Canadian istitutions strong. Be it through supporting sports, arts, radio, t.v. , the list goes on.

At least 3Down will likely have some banner headline material, if the ratings are as low as they probably will be (especially when they don't include RDS which televises every Al game and drew 250k for a game earlier this season.)

TSN knows the CFL has a very dedicated following. This might be a savvy marketing move with more fans ordering all 5 TSN stations...just in case so they won't miss any games.

TSN is going "all out" for the NFL this season, along with CTV1, CTV2, TSN1, TSN2...and so on. The CFL is probably an afterthought, other than utilizing the solid CFL ratings on TSN to market the NFL (with slick CTV NFL ads shown during CFL games promoting the Sunday 1 pm kickoff of the HUGE NFL matchup...but little mention during the telecast of a CFL game in the same Sunday time-slot on the network they're watching.

I guess the fix is in...enjoy it while we can, with the next generation probably having no football, not even a "quirky" one which predates the American version (but try to find out about it in the history books with the media largely shunning the league.) Nobody will care, I guess.

I am with you 100 % on this Preisst.
Our tax dollars should stop funding CBC.
The govt should not be in the business of being in business.
I avoid CBC as much as possible. My news comes from CTV and Global.
With the exception of Murdoch Mysteries and Kim's Convenience, it is complete crap.

TSN isn't going in anything with the NFL. They aren't doing anything new this year. Do you live in the mountains?
TSN will always have the CFL on their main channel TSN1. TSN2 was the alternative programming so the US Open golf which is the biggest event going on in the world has to be provided on TSN1. Its not that complicated.
Football is the biggest sport in North America including Canada. And in Canada its #2. And there isn't a sport that comes close to Hockey and Football.
The CFL is TSN's main priority and they aren't stupid knowing the fans could easily tune to the alternative guide as it said on the bottom screen for 20 minutes and was mentioned in commercial break on TSN1.
And not sure where others live but on TSN1 the game was on most of the 1st qtr.