where should the pan am stadium be?

what is your prefered location and why?

South Mountain.

Traffic access....loads of space....closer to the airport.

It's an area of the City that will be developed as we head into the next generation(s).


easy access, a central hub other than the power centres up the mountain for people to go to, revitilization (I believe concerts, and speeches maybe other than just football could bring people back to the downtown and hopefully clean things up.)

There will be a bit of a stench to the deal if it ends up built on the airport lands.

A stadium downtown isn't going to revitalize downtown. That's what Copps Coliseum was supposed to do, and it hasn't. Besides, building the stadium downtown would just take away from the parking sites needed, because it would be built on existing parking lots. Doesn't make sense. The airport is the most logical choice. It's ready to be built up around there. That's where most Hamiltonians who are looking to buy a new house are moving to anyway.

So, are you trying to tell me that downtown is better off without Copps? Gimme a break. Copps was built under the guise -- nay, promise -- of NHL hockey moving in there. That would mean near 18,000 people flooding down there for about 42, or so, nights a year. Unfortunately, the NHL HQ are liars.

The Airport is far from a logical choice. Quite the opposite.

Even the urban-sprawl specialists of the ol' US of A have learned this the hard way. Now, stadiums and other public venues that compliment current infrastructure are being put back in the downtown cores -- to immediate and unarguable success. Detroit would be the obvious example. They still have a ways to go yet, but the difference is nearly unbelievable.

Why we would ever funnel large groups of people away from the businesses of the city is beyond comprehension. You do want them to buy things, don't you? That sort of is the idea behind growth, development and prosperity.

Nothing like welcoming out of town visitors to a highway exchange, a strip mall and an airport. Sounds a bit like Pontiac Silverdome.

It's funny, the NHL awarded Ottawa the franchise and I wonder if they knew at the time the new arena would be built way out in Kanata, or if they cared really? Do any pro leagues really care where the stadiums or arenas are built and how this could impact the franchise and/or city in the long run?

I bet the leagues couldn't care less -- provided they don't have to prop you up because of failing attendance. I'm sure the NHL might have re-examined New Jersey's plan to be in the Meadowlands for so long, though.

Building out in Kanata, though, presented some major unforseen infrastructure expenses that, if built in an urban area, probably wouldn't have been a factor. Arguably, this lead to their bankruptcy. Maybe the leagues would look into that now. Plus, the NFL and MLB have had some success with downtown stadiums.

When I said South Mountain...I didn't mean airport.

I'm talking south of Stonechurch (Garth/West 5th) type of lands....and there is a lot of it up there.

Hate to say it, but a stadium won't revitalize downtown. The downtown has to be revitalized from the waterfront back and tell the truth...the back is a dump. Plus, traffic would be a nightmare (as it almost is now) in an area not near as congested as the proposal.

But, fear not people. Our politicians will screw this up regardless.

Stone Church is still up there a ways -- and it is waaaaay out of the way of any transit hub. Downtown traffic could definitely be aided by enhanced public transit. Downtown Toronto traffic isn't exactly a picnic either, but things seem to be doing pretty well there.

I just think, ideally, this place would be easily accessible by Go Transit, HSR and/or foot traffic. And no, a stadium in it of itself won't revitalize anything. But it can spur spinoffs and begin to change mindsets and behaviours.

For me, the bottom line is that downtown is going to be whatever we make of it. If we want it to be a bustling place where people live, shop and work, we have to support it. If we want it to be Buffalo, Toledo, or some of the many, many other blown-out, abandoned, crime-ridden civic focal points...well, we can do that too.

Honestly, I'd love to be able to work in downtown Hamilton, commute in and out of there via public transit, eat lunch down there...meet up with friends for beers after work....go to the Cats game in the summer time, or head over to Copps for the Predators game in the winter.

I really don't think we're that far away from being able to do that.

Still like the idea of Confederation Park. Lots of land, easy to get to and from the area, Centennial has lots of roadhouse type restaurants etc. and no doubt more would spring up.I don't understand what is the difference between a stadium and a waterpark already there) as far as taking up green space. Both are recreational to me. One of the major costs would be removing the Goose S**t from the site. Besides that bridge they are adamant about building might actually get used then.

I think somewhere between Dundas and Hamilton would be perfect. Lots of open space there.

... anywhere the people who actually make the decision would like it to be. Hamilton needs a new stadium badly, I wouldn't want them to spend too much time and energy quibbling over the pluses and minuses of various locations. Worst thing would be to miss out on the opportunity for lack of broad consensus on the ideal, perfect location. This is a case where an old adage applies: "Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good". Lock up the money and build it before it's too late.

Confederation park

West Harbour brownfields area.



To reviatlize the city's core (downtown and surrounding areas such as the waterfront), brownfieds must be redeveloped, and what better way is there than a new stadium as was proposed for the Commonwealth games bid? Remember those pics that were posted of the proposed stadium? I'd love to see them again.

Great setting at the waterfront.

I'll argue you have better access than the mountain. Pretty much all buses service the central hub of Gore Park or downtown area, Barton st west has 4 lanes (just as Upper James does) and is fed by Burlington st, York st, Cannon st and downtown and it is close to the 403.

Also, there is plenty of surrounding land for more or expanded roads and parking and further development.

What a great way to rehabilitate Hamilton's image with scenes of the waterfront vista. A south mountain stadium location does nothing for the city.

Eventually the downtown core will turnaround. Bob young invested in it by buying 1 Jarvis st., and jim Balsillie is on record on wanting to improve downtown Hamilton by putting a team at a refurbished Copps.

How great would a revitilized downtown be if it had both NHL and CFL right there?

It would be awesome!

At first, I thought Confederation park would be a good spot. Then I started to think, those winds off the lake could be brutal let alone a freaky snowstorm in late October. Access roads to the park could be a civic engineer's nightmare to plan. I wouldn't want to be stuck in traffic for an hour trying to leave the park after the game. BURLINGTON IS DEFINATELY OUT!!! With the amount of residental homes being built south of Stonechurch imo would disqualify this area. Don't like the airport because.....I don't! For wow factor, I think the harbour area could be ideal. But we're back to possible parking, public transit issues. Bottom line is.........................Damned if I know but BUILD IT SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What issues?

There is tons of land available for parking and the HSR is based on the Gore Park area as its hub for the entire city and region.

Looks like David Peterson and Hamilton's private sector want the stadium located at west harbourfront or some location close to downtown where it would do the most good.

Quotes beloew taken from this article: http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/512114
"downtown business want the west harbour site approved before anteing up dollars"

"[i]Kathy Drewitt, executive director of the Downtown Hamilton BIA, said the city core backs a stadium, but only one downtown.

"I think there is a lot of commitment from the downtown to have the stadium downtown. There are lots of companies downtown that are willing to step up, I can assure you that," she said.

If another location such as the Hamilton airport lands or Burlington is selected, "that support would not be there," Drewitt said."[/i]

Quotes below taken from this article: http://www.thespec.com/News/Local/article/512117

"Peterson won't reveal his pick for a stadium site but said venues must "cluster" together to reduce travel time for athletes and spectators, with Hamilton a "major hub.""

Video of David Peterson's address: http://www.thespec.com/videogallery/511715

I think we should move Bernie Arbour stadium, this would be a perfect spot. Great traffic access from all directions, close to the Link. And could you imagine the view over the mountain from the stands.