where should the 100th grey cup be held?

Being a Rider fan I would like too say in Regina.

I know this cannot happen as long as Regina has not enough hotel space as well as insufficient services too accomodate such a large undertaking.

My vote is for (cant believe I am gonna say this) for Edmonton.
Ok that wasnt so bad.

Edmonton has all the right stuff. they have the amenities and room. They have the support of the community(rabid some might say) and the mystique of a winning organization as well as a grass field (true football in the elements).

That was about all the nice things I can say about the Eskies for a few monthes.

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I would have to say Toronto.
They had the first, they should get the 100th

Yes I would have to agree Toronto is the odds on favorite.......lets just hope they stay interested in the team until then.

I would love to see Regina get it too (they've done a fantastic job hosting the last two grey cups and the grey cup is always front and centre in Regina (because there is nothing else to do)). But of course the hotel space is a problem.

If it's not in Regina, and I also can't believe I'm going to say this too, I think Edmonton should get it. The CFL is way more popular in Edmonton then it is in Toronto and I believe Edmonton would do a fantastic job with the festivities.

That would depend on how well Toronto does in 2007. If not Edmonton and Vancouver would be my choices.


Vancouver 1999 and Torontonians correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the last Grey Cup in Toronto a bit watered down?

what was wrong withg vancouvers sport?

The game was okay, but the streets were dead. Other than the out of towners, nobody knew what was going on. Bad planning bad press. But this year. Wow, they made up for it. This years was the best according to the so called experts.

CBC said that in BC that time they had army folks fill up the seats

If Toronto's GC in 2007 isn't impressive or very successful, I can see Edmonton getting it and I sure as hell hope it happens(sorry Torontonians, but who wouldn't want the GC in their home city?). We'd sell out 62,000 easily, and I bet they'd even consider putting in some temporary seating behind the endzone without the scoreboard(Can anyone say another 10,000-15,000 seats?) I'd guarantee 70,000 if this happened.



Edmonton will get 2008 for sure as well.


Toronto is a logical choice given that it was the first(?). The t.v. market would be great but the interest may not be there especially if the Argos tank that year.

Calgary would even be a great choice as would winnepeg.

maybe the CFL needs too rotate the cup around evenly too all the cities instead of going between Vancouver and Toronto with everyone else in between.

i would love to see it in calgary but it probably won't happen. but they could put in lots of extra seats like the did for the olympics and 'motel vilage' is right across the street so there are plentey of hotel rooms.

it won't be in calgary................. either toronto or edmonton and i'm leaning alot mroe towards toronto (which is too bad).....

Edmonton can get 2008, which will be the leagues 50th season BTW so who host that GC is also very important.

Toronto should get the 100th, they have hosted many grey cups in the past, it's only right that they should get it.

Ottawa will need to host another again in the next few seasons as well.

If they get a team by then I could see Quebiec or Halifax ( sorry about the spelling, I’m having a brain fart.)

The 100th Grey Cup should be held in the city which is home to the CFL Hall of Fame. It only makes sense. HAMILTON will be the city of choice for the 100th Grey Cup.

One major factor will be that if a hosting city didn't sell out for the GC the last time they had it, there is no way they would be in the running for the 100th. That would be one rule I would institute for sure.