With Ottawa now officially returning the CFL does not want 9 teams for very long, meaning that they would like for team number 10 to be in place somewhere within the next 5 years. The CFLPA has bee very vocal that they would like a 10th expansion team sooner rather than later meaning within the next 5 years. There has been talk of several areas. Studies have been made, pre season as well as regular season games have been played, ownership groups have been rumored, stadiums have been discussed. There are also many more stadium options that have come into light even over the last five years that would be cost efficient at least for the time being. Converting college stadiums, temporary stadiums, and sports specific fields that are inexpensive such as Saputo field that was built for the MOntreal Impact of the NLS that will come to a cost of about 50 million and will seat 20,000 with about 40 corporate suites (A CFL stadium of this type would simply need 5,000 more seats.
Post a reply when you vote giving reasons why you think this would be the best place for that 10th franchise within 5 years.

I don't really care where the tenth team ends up as long as it has the support of the fans in the area, and as long as it doesn't draw away too many fans from any nearby teams. I suspect the first of Moncton or Halifax wouldn't draw many fans away from other teams, and would have the best chance of adding new fans to the league. London, on the other hand, would definitely steal fans away from both Hamilton and Toronto, while not adding many new fans. Quebec is probably somewhere between those two, taking some fans away from Montreal, but also adding a few new ones. Glad to see Saskatoon isn't on your list, as that would only split the existing Saskatchewan fans between the two teams; there's a reason they're called the Saskatchewan Roughriders, after all.

Personally, I'd like even more than ten teams, maybe even twelve. But after Quebec City and either Moncton or Halifax is in the league, I don't see any more cities that would actually increase the fan base of the league. St. John's maybe? Could they support a team?

10 teams is the max. It is going to be hard to get the 10th team. No potential owners have stepped forward, that have stated a willingness to put the cash up!! Qc and London would be disasters, London is NFL terrotory , Southern Ontario can't get 25000 in Toronto or Hamilton. Moncton and Halifax seem to be logical, but they have had 35 years to get their s### together and have failed.

I doubt London would steal many fans from Ham and Tor...any more than Ottawa will steal fans from Montreal or Toronto steals fans from Hamilton (only 40 km away.) A London team would ADD fans to Ham and Tor, with rabid London fans invading Ham and Tor to support their team.

London will get a good test next season, with the Ticats playing up to 8 games there.

Seems to me you are stating a lot of facts that have no basis in reality.

We are FAR away from any expansion outside of Ottawa. Baring a philanthropist like Bob Young, David Braley, etc.

Ownership groups rumored? You mean like the one that was mentioned like, once, for QC?

I think the potential would be there with a massive TV deal that guaranteed an owner would make money, then you could see someone make a push for a team. But remember, with more teams, there is more sharing. There is already a 9th team coming to split the pie more then it is now, albeit a larger pie.

I like your optimism though! I would love to have 5 games a week to watch.

I was speaking hypothetically when saying more than ten teams would be good. Totally agree that some more deep pockets would need to be found before that could ever happen.

Ottawa won't be stealing many Montreal fans when it comes into the league. Rough Riders / Renegades fans seem to have just gone dormant - hardly any CFL buzz in town, from what I can tell. As for London, I was just guessing that any potential CFL fans in the area would already be fans of one of the existing Southern Ontario teams, and that most would just start to support the local team if one started up there. I could be wrong.

  • Can't have a team in Quebec city without Als permission
  • London is the fallback location, I believe, for the Argos should they need to move

But why are we discussing this again?? We know there are no ownership groups, no millionaires, no corporations out there that would be willing to buy a team, lose millions in a small market.
In 5 years it's likely we will be down to 8 teams again - which is about right. Toronto is too big for the CFL

I tried to pick two but was only allowed one. Ottawa is not here yet...The Left Wing Loonies haven't started throwing their bodies in front of bull dozers yet. We probably still need 3 or 4 Royal Commisions yet....... :roll: :roll: :roll: I'll believe Ottawa is in when Chris Cuthbert says "Welcome to the Nations Capital for the CFL on TSN".

Anyways I'd like to see a team in Atlantic Canada. Those temporary seats that we saw last year in Moncton seemed pretty nice. If they could find a rich owner and get a better Stadium built, it would truly be a "Canadian" league, Coast to Coast.

If Toronto is so big, why can't they fill the stadium?

more like think they are too big

I actually think a team in KW would do much better than Toronto

your attitude sucks.

Reality sucks!
Some CFL fans just don't like facing reality.

Isn't it obvious? Toronto is NOT a CFL city, it's as simple as that.

Toronto is the major leagues - NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL

The reality is that Toronto is part of the CFL.
To say otherwise is not reality.

Neither is conjecture or prophecy.

not really on topic... But if we have 10 teams, will the quality drop a little? as in, will there be enough talented Canadians to have seven starters on each team?

Toronto has great fans, their venue suck. It is 1 of 2 stadiums in the CFL I personally would likely not buy season tickets at.

Don't bother trying to debate or reason with him. He thinks that Toronto will fold and that Hamilton somehow is able to draw from a population base of eight million people (he believes that Toronto counts as a fan base that Hamilton can count on for fans). He has no basis for his beliefs, so it is best to just ignore his ramblings.

As far as where a 10th team should be placed, I'd say the Maritimes. Don't care where, Halifax or Moncton or anywhere else, but that is the area that should be the home of a 10th CFL team. Then you could have two, five-team divisions and hit all the major areas of the country.

It won't happen in five years and I think everyone realizes that (or at least they should). By the time Ottawa finally plays again it will have been about six years since the city was granted a conditional franchises, so I don't see how a 10th team will be playing in five.

As for a 12-team league, the problem with that it would lead to unbalanced divisions. Any possible expansion city is located in the east (Moncton, Halifax, Quebec City, London) and not one feasible city is located out west (the only possible one is Saskatoon, but that will likely never happen for reasons already stated by others).

I think 10 teams is the perfect amount and hopefully we see it one day.

I guess Thunder Bay’s a bit small for a CFL team, eh? Almost the same population as Moncton metropolitan area (actually higher population than Monction proper), but pretty much zero surrounding area. It might gain TV support from a lot of Northern Ontario, but the gate would probably be pretty low.