Where’s the swagger?

I know what’s wrong.

Ever since I was a kid in the 60’s and living in Brockville, ON, I have listened to friends and foes alike (Ottawa Valley folks mostly, a few Argo freaks and a spattering of Al fans) talk about how they all despised the ‘Cats. This always made me smile because I knew it was out of respect and fear for their own teams having to play them…especially at IWS!

There was something about the team… acquiring “bad boys, bullies and rejects?. I’ve heard rumours in the past that Al Davis actually molded the Raiders after them.

My point is that Bob Young should contact some of the old boys (Mosca, Zambiasi, Gorrell, Patterson, Covington etc.) and have them come into the dressing room or practice field and “explain? the history of hard-nosed, tough, no-prisoners Hamilton Tiger-Cats football. It’s all we need, the games for the most part have been close and I think a good, old fashioned snarl would do the trick.


Oh I don't know. I think some players on the Cats have swagger. Let's get Devonte Peterson to clothesline Keith Stokes again. lol

now you're talkin!

Isn't that the Argos' role?

Naw...they always go for "names" we've always had a soft spot for "misfits" Recently however they(Argos) do have a thing for DEA suspects!

yeah..cuz that just shows he has swagger..hes a coward..i was at that game, and that was just nasty...send him to the wwe..peterson is a joke

You ask..."where's the swagger?"

Its in Montreal......unfortunately. Been there for a while :frowning: .

Ron Lancaster had it for years.

Winnipeg is starting to show it too.

Lets hope its one of the qualities the new Tiger Cats coach brings.

Montreal's early swagger every year soon crosses over the line into arrogance

I prefer teams whose players are confident but not full of themselves.

Does Calgary's dancing count as swagger? I love how teams with choreographed dance routines always end up underachieving. PegCity will remember this well from the 2001 season - 14 straight wins, then a Grey Cup loss!

ouch that hurt...but if im right, those wins 14 wins were the same u guys had in 2 seasons comnined..thats pretty sad

Westwood lines up, here it goes, he misses! Winnipeg loses the Grey Cup.

Growin up in the north end of Hamilton in the 60-70's and gettin end zone seats for dirt cheap from IGA---you bet there was pride in Civic/Ivor Wynne---Those were the days we were the force in the leaque---even my mother wanted to know how the Cats done

We will rise Again


Take it easy PegCity. If anything you should know what it's like to not win many games and end up in the basement. You've spent your fair share of time out of the playoffs. Have some compassion.

If you think your silly end zone dances are swagger I have news for you. Just be happy you're off to a good start, and keep your smart a$$ comments to yourself, or better yet on your own website.


i wanna see the boys who take a few unneccessary roughness penalties that are due to over exuberance rather than the dirty plays...

man i miss that '98 & '99 defense, tiggle, stienauer, ivory, hitchock, cummings, Vaughn, philbrick, Big Joe, damn that was a good one. mean too...

Ivory came in in 2000.

[quote=“NorCat”]Growin up in the north end of Hamilton in the 60-70’s and gettin end zone seats for dirt cheap from IGA—you bet there was pride in Civic/Ivor Wynne—Those were the days we were the force in the leaque—even my mother wanted to know how the Cats done

We will rise Again


I was around 10 years earlier but left in 1962. In those days Hamilton was the Tiger Cats 8) . There was consistency with the team and the players back then.
I believe the Caretaker knows all this and wants the same thing but he has to find a head coach that can provide steady, productive leadership first. Then comes the swagger.
I’m sure he will find the right one but the wait is driving me crazy :frowning: .

Here's a swagger-related quote from Tony Miles:

Receiver Tony Miles can see why the Alouettes have jumped out to a CFL-leading 6-0 start.

"They've been playing with a great swagger," Miles said. "We watch film and the film don't lie. Our job is to take away their swagger and help regain our swagger."

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2006/08/02/1715161-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

Here's a swagger-related quote from Danny Maciocia:

But Maciocia is stressing that he needs to see a change in his beleaguered defender.

"It is just a question of (Durden) going back to work and regaining that confidence and swagger he had," said the coach.

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Edmonton/2006/08/02/1715181-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 1-sun.html[/url]

Good points but the new Young Era seems to want nothing to do with the old boys club :roll: The guys who played for a "steeltown ball" club?

The new "era"...borrow from the past and hype tradition BUT do nothing to keep that tradition alive!Steeltown ball? Haven't seen that for awhile.
Cheers to ya '99