Where oh where have they gone?

As I was reading the different posters in each of the forums complain about their poor Offensive Co-ordinators and poor defensive co-ordinators, it got me thinking where some of the ex-head Coaches that were prominant as those co-ordinators are and why they are not available.

Doug Berry (Was successfull in Montreal as OC)
Greg Marshall (Was succesfull in Winnipeg as DC)
Marcel Bellifuelle (Was successfull as OC in Montreal)
Gary Etchevary (Was successfull as DC in Both BC, Sask, and I believe Toronto)

Maybe they are still collecting pay checks from their former teams (while sitting on the couch) and are in no rush to come back?

Ah, no. Bellefeuille was an abject failure in Montreal as OC in 2007, when our O-line allowed a league-high number of sacks, our offense was generally ineffective, and everyone thought by season’s end that Calvillo was done. In fact, Bellefeuille has never been successful as an OC in the CFL (SSK, MTL, HAM).

Etcheverry is coaching in the CIS, I believe. Not sure what the other three are doing, but Marshall is still being paid by Saskatchewan, so I doubt he’s in any rush to come back.

Bellefuille will most likely appear somewhere in the Ottawa organization. Being from Ottawa area and being a frocophone as well as bi lingual will place him in a good spot as a head scout for the Quebec talent. GM has been mentioned but a long shot a position coach and Quebec area scout may be a kinda fit he will find himself in. Calreton will be recruiting alot of Cegap players from Quebec using the corporate model also.

Etchevarryy is Head Coach of the Gee Gees in the CIS. He will be there tring to keep them a contender in the CIS and OUA with using just a standard CIS football model. But he will be right in Ottawa so there is a chance the the Ottawa CFL franchise may be in his future.

You know discipline....Its all coming back to me now. Just wait until you get to be my old age! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I think I remember now that they wanted to tar and feather him in both Montreal and Saskatchewan.

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when he was Sask's O-Coordinator.. he loved his 2yds and out pass routes and throw for 5 on 2nd down when you need 10.

the guy should never have been a HC in the CFL but some poor sap felt sorry for the guy.

Bellefueille did a great job in Hamilton. His biggest problem was at QB. Glenn just isn't good enough to get a team over the top on his own...and the Ticats had too many weak links but were still competitive. Great head coaches aren't born, they have to learn and improve with experience. I'll bet Marcel would be a great choice as head coach in Ottawa to work with a young team...or another team. I believe he's still under contract with Hamilton through this season. :thup:

So Add Paul Lapolice to the list now.

So, if you are the Ottawa GM / Owner not a bad list to pick from to get your team started. DO you pick one of the above to be your Head Coach? Do you pick several as Offensive and defensive Specialists?

Berry as OC, Etcheverry as DC, and maybe Tom Higgins as the HC. Experience at all three major positions.

I forgot about Higgins. He's so busy with the Officials I completely forgot about him.

I think Higgins would be a good guy to front the expansion Ottawa team. Good football man who knows his stuff, but also a nice guy, personable in the media, and with enough common sense to lean on his assistants for a lot of the Xs and Os.

If I'm in charge of Ottawa, I only consider Bellefeuille for position coach (QB or receivers) and that's it. He's not HC material and he has never succeeded as an OC. I'd also be fine with Marshall as DC instead of Etch.

With Ottawa finally looking like a go for 2014 means they will need to start preparing for the 2013 draft. Curently only former CFLer Jim Wrman is the only football employee scouting the US college ranks during spring practice. I dont see any of those guys on the list as HC matierial including the now unemplyed LaPolice. Those who were considered extremly successful os a coordinator or position coach would most likley be on the top of Ottawa's list in their area of expertise.
Jeff Hunt has already said The GM is the only guy that he and the OSEG will be hiring and that the GM will be in charge of Hiring the staff around him.

Actually Bellefueille has moved to the UFL and is now the receivers coach of the Omaha Nighthawks...


Personally I would take Bellefueille over the current overrated guy currently running the Cats....

Thats very intersting to see that beelifuere is coaching in the UFL. I wonder if he is still getting paid by Hamilton also or was it a move by Omaha and the US to have someone who knows the Canadian and CFL talent pool on the coaching staff.
Certainly with guys like Lobadahn and Ferri just getting signed now. As well as reynolds, reid still out of work and Cobourne possibily out of work soon. Also knowing the CIS talent with guys like plesius and Fabian lookin to get into the NFL using the UFL as a link where they wont have to be locked into a 2 or 3 year deal in the CFL

I like the guy. I think he’s not bad HC, but his time as OC in Regina made me pull out my hair. Just kept calling shotgun HB search for 2 and 3 yard losses. He took a killer offensive line that could punch holes at will and made them reactive instead of proactive.

Bellefeuille took an all-star O-line and future HoF QB in Montreal and ruined them in one swift season (2007). He's also the same guy who had no use for Avon Cobourne as a running back, and forced Jim Popp to play Avon at linebacker just to keep him on the roster.