Where oh where has my CFL gone?

When it was announced that TSN had acquired monopoly rights to every game in 2009, I was incensed. After all, while it might seem great for those who can install a cable hook-up, some of us have been left out in the cold. My mother, for instance, lives in an area where cable is simply not available. Through the quirks of an irresponsible landlady and a messed up electrical system, attempted cable hook-up in my place has meant frying 2 TV’s and a computer.
I’m not sure if it was under obligation to the CRTC, or simply a (dis) courtesy to the CFL fans of Canada, but TSN has posted every game on it’s CFL Games On Demand page of it’s website.
However something strange has started happening as the games have increased in importance. Suddenly the video files are partially corrupted, leaving 5, 10 or more minutes totally unwatchable. I’m sure I’m not the only person to write to TSN and complain about this…but here it’s the Thursday after the Sunday games, and TSN has not fixed this problem. I’d REALLY like to watch the Alouettes/Lions game before the Grey Cup, but it’s looking less and less likely.
I doubt there’s much point to this post either, but sometimes you just have to get things off your chest.
Go Als!

i'm sure it's not their issue.

likely something else.

I invite you to try watching the games in question.

Well, that's what happens when you take a name and switch it around Junior Ah You! :wink:

I just went back and checked the files....on 3 different computers.
The 1st quarter of the Eastern Final is broken from 7:14-19:11
The fourth quarter from the 21:11 mark

I imagine they did it for the benefit of Lions fans. :smiley:

how is it you cant get cable, but you can get internet?

The cable goes into the modem, ethernet cables to computers. I fried a capture card and the usb ports on one computer trying to hook up cable. Then there's the electric shocks!!!

Since you have internet, go to iTunes. For $2.49 you can get any game you want.

I bought and (re)watched the entire West final last night. Great pic and sound....no commercials.

I don't have iTunes but this intrigued me. How big is the video collection? Do they have previous years on there?

Are you not using Mac OS or Windows? If you are you can simply download iTunes for free.

Well that's kind of missing the point. TSN agreed to post games on their website for those Canadians who, for whatever reason, couldn't watch the game on cable. Western capitalism tends towards monopoly. Monopolies generally don't give a damn about the little guy. Is it a coincidence that the files were perfectly intact and good up to the last few weeks of the season, and now into the playoffs? Does TSN figure they can entice people to get cable, when it's obvious that only those who refuse or cannot do so are watching their "Games on Demand". For my part, it will be a cold day in Hades Town before I pay a cent to watch what should be broadcast (and always was) for free.
There's every reason to believe that the same policies had a part in tanking the Expos and turned the Big Owe into a Dust Bowl. Pissing off your fan base is never a good idea.

ever consider satelite instead of cable? simple coax cable. wont blow up any televisions.

I'm aware :slight_smile: I don't really have a reason to use itunes since I don't own an ipod and WOULD NOT use it as my primary audio or video player on my computer.

I was just asking if the collection was good and if previous years are available if anybody knew the answer off-hand as a good game collection would probably put me over the fence and force me to install that abortion of a program.

Actually, except for the Eastern and Western Finals, the TSN CFL Games on Demand work well. No complaints. I watched the Grey Cup (and the post-game ceremonies without incident) Great!!!
In case someone wants to know how to access it (they post all 2009 CFL games)
Go to TSN.ca ----> click on the BROADBAND link at top right ----> click on Video Library tab ---> then CFL Games on Demand
If anyone does this and tries to watch the Eastern Final...please write TSN a nasty email about the broken files. Damn I'd love to watch that game!!!

BTW....if you get the iTunes versions, can you save them? Can you watch them over and keep them? Or is it a one-off streaming thing? For $2.49 It might be worth it (grudgingly!)


I haven't paid for a UFC event in 6 months!!!1
Plus I have watched every blackedout BC Lions game this season.

I don't use it for anything other than occasionally streaming radio and browsing the iTunes store. Unless you're extremely short of storage I don't really see the point in not installing it. It's not as if you're suddenly going to turn into a Macophile :wink:

I wish I could get those games in the U.S. iTunes store. :cry: