Where oh where are the three bragging fools now?

Come on Moses, Come on Warner, Come on rickynotsogreatrickyray! Where did you boys go the team loses badly and you jumped ship! What are the excuses? Come on we want to here them! The Eskimos were lucky they got 10 points in the game did you here that Rickybraggingboyrickyray!

:lol: :lol: Thought so you leave your battles to esks123 now I have respect for him but you three :lol: :lol:

Dont worry Redwhite2005, as soon as the esks win a game, the 3 musketeers will be back and theyre gonna have a dozen excuses about the head coach that won them their grey cup last year.

I don't know if this is the right thread but..... Like I said before the game, in a previous thread, if the Bombers can play well against the Eskimoes- I'll believe. I BELIEVE !!!!!

.....the Bombers were very impressive in their whooping of the EEs.......it remains to be seen if Glenn can be consistent in his ability to lead the offense but I think after three decent games on the other side of the ball the Bomber D can be truly recognized as a force to contend with, definately the turn-around-of-the-year so far.......the eskimos are so far looking very below average and with a visiting BC Lion team to look forward to next week at Commonwealth they could be in a world of hurt.......couldn't happen to a nicer team.....

This is humurous…everyone and their dog was slagging the bombers … ignoring a quality new staff and key aquistions at key positions. I watched with interest early on at the slagging not quite believing how biased and uninformed it was. Having said that. I believe the whopping yesterday was an anomaly and says more about the Esks problems. They looked like a team with no heart. Its a long season. I would say however that Berry`s after practice meetings with Glenn are paying dividends.

edmonton is going to 1-3 next week.
coulda been 0-3 now, had rambo stopped short on his route when burris was throwing for that TD ( which was picked off )in game 2.

edmonton looks to be the team missing the playoffs....they should re-sign montford, now that his $ demands are less, and bring back don brady.

Here what I saw in yesterday game--Eskimos could not finish off drives,they had absoulely no running attack to speak of, a weak offensive line. On the other side Durden played a terrible game on the corner, no commuincation in the secondary. Turnovers killed the Eskimos as well. There is talk of bringing back at least one the retired vets from the Oline, but that not going to help them much, it seems like that the Esks dont want to play for Maccoica, makes you wonder why those Olineman retired in the 1st place.

...i think Danny M. better start doing some fancy dancing....they really didn't look like the Esks. team i know...for some reason they do not play well in WPG....and Mr. Durden may as well have stayed home...Razzle dazzle Brazzle made him look foolish.. :wink:

Oh Boy! Will the wolves ever be out next week in Edmonton! Almost had to feel sorry for Durden. Just wonder if Danny outfoxed himself with all those changes? Anyway, sure feels good to have a winning team.

Slagging your correct but that was because they were an unproven team. They are still unproven other then one great game. But thats not ruin it for those loyal bomber fans. Congradualtions is the order of the day! And for the three fools don’t you think this is good payback for them! The last place Eskimos now you got to love the sound of that!

I haven't seen the Bombers play that good in a long time. While i don't think Kevin Glenn is going to be a star QB in the CFL he sure took Ricky Ray to school last night. Good job Bombers!

The Eskimos always have a game or two like this in the season. Hopefully they got in done and over with this. The team is gelling, we have the talent, we just have to put it together. I'm not taking anything away from the Bombers, they play a really great game and deserved to win. But, the eskimos are going to get better as the season progresses, the boys (defense in particular) needs to play together more. I'm not worried.

i dont ever jump ship, im here with the good and the bad, i talk shit and when im right i brag. and when im wrong i come and take it and its cool. all i know is by the end of the season we will be grey cup champs again

What happened here.....back in the day we had good, respectful eskimo fans. Now, we have some jokers here that are quivalent to rider fans. I'm embarrassed, and that's why I don't post here anymore. I ask others not to judge esks fans on some of the posters on this site, perhaps come to esksfans.com, where real esksfans live.

...kinda miss you there Eskimos32001...sorry that you don't post here anymore...but i see you still come to the site for a read....i don't blame you for distancing yourself from a couple of Esks. fans....we know they go over-board a bit....but what the hey...its all fun....and keep in mind....they only embarass :oops: themselves..and it does not reflect on good posters such as yourself... :thup:

Exactly! :thup:

The only reason I'm here to run the Fantasy Huddle, which I'm also considering pulling from this board

Hmmm thats to bad! But is that not like you did not let me get a touchdown so I am going home with my ball. A little imature do you not think! But hey that is up to you!

Imature? you mean like most people on here?

No, I don’t take part in the discussion because it’s mostly pissing matches and immature people talking about stuff they barely know about. It’s pathetic, but I don’t have a problem. I just go about running my fantasy league, the people are good mannered and it’s fun for everyone.

That’s not the reason why I’m considering pulling the Huddle next season, though. I’m considering it because the forum is lacking. The style just seems out-dated and can’t really do alot. It doesn’t have alot of options, it’s hard on the eyes, and I have to put up with even looking at some of the stupid titles here. I would love to find a way to move the Huddle to a different, keep most of the people who regularily play, and also find a new group of posters to help run the league and to play and make it more interesting. I would also like to expand, but I don’t know how much further I can expand here