where not only one who's GM makes bad Trades..

Take a Look at Matt Millen.
He Traded Drey Bly
Bly was the Lions' best cornerback, but he was not an ideal fit for the Lions' Tampa Two scheme. He requested a trade, and Millen complied.

Now look at what Millen picked up: a running back, Bell, who will probably get only a few more meaningful carries for the Lions before leaving as a free agent; a veteran tackle, George Foster, who has played poorly and might lose his job to Jonathan Scott this week; and a fifth-round pick, which Millen used on linebacker Johnny Baldwin. Baldwin was waived last month.

To sum up: Millen traded one of his best players and essentially got squat.

Millen tried to make up for the loss of Bly by using a fourth-round pick on cornerback A.J. Davis. He had acquired that fourth-rounder for last year's backup quarterback, Josh McCown, and former No. 10 overall pick Mike Williams.

But Davis couldn't stick with the Lions' practice squad.

So Millen really traded Bly, McCown and Mike Williams for almost nothing.

So Ticats Fans Where only who got Ripped off in Trades.

What did the Canucks get for Cam Neely.

Look at the Flyers. Got Lindros and the Avs won how many cups.

What? You guys didn't like Barry Pederson???

Courtnall for Kordic.

Not Nick.

One of the WORST trades in professional SPORTS history… unfriggenbelievable… I’m STILL pissed about that one!!

Ernie Hickie for Guy Lafleur (1971)

Ah, makes my eyes weepy just thinking about that steal.

Not like Lindros didnt do well, he got to a cup himself, won a league mvp and tied for a scoring title. Had the injuries not piled up who knows what else might have happened. What I find the funiest is when people say that if the team had stayed in quebec they would have won a couple cups but i always think that there is no way Patrick Roy gets traded there if they stay in quebec and without him the cups would have been iffy.

Hey rebounder, at least you know hockey! :slight_smile:

Very good point about Roy!

Where am I? :?

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Ron, I think at this point in a 2&13 season, a little light hearted distraction is in order. At least rebounder got to make some valid points. :wink:

well now that the red sox just hit a grand slam my mood has turned sour again

The Babe for cash.

...not technically a trade, but leaving Lee Knight exposed in the expansion draft was the worst ever.

He would of never stayed in Quebec because his father did not want him playing there, he refused to suit up for the Nords and demanded a trade..that is how Philly got him. Quebec got stung on that deal it was a shame but it worked out for the better karma caught up to Eric Lindros and he had a very short career.

How did Quebec get stung? Good pont on Roy rebounder.

The Ticats GM Jake Gaudaur made at least 3 great trades that made the other GMs in Montreal and Edmonton look very foolish:
1. Post -1960 Etcheverry for Faloney,Hal Patterson for Don Paquette - Etcheverry took to court as he had no-trade contract and went to NFL, we kept Faloney and got Hal Patterson, Als got only Don Paquette, a back-up Canadia DL.
2. Post 1964 - Als get Faloney finally, but he is nearly finished, Ralph Goldston who is nearly finished, and Jackie Simpson a back-up DB. We get 3 starting Canadian DBs - Ted Page, Billy Wayte, Barry Hansen, a great DE Billy Ray Locklin, and the rights to RB Don Clark who we couldn't sign.
3. Post-1966- We get Tommy-Joe Coffey, Bill Redell (QB and DB) and another whom I forget. Esks get Don Sutherin who refuses to report, Gerry McDougall who is nearly finished and gets cut in TC, and Frank Cosentino who doesn't do much if anything in Edmonton

Bottom Line: for very little we get Grey Cups in '63, '65, 67, and '72 for very little loss, and we played in Grey Cups in '61,'62, and '64, barely losing in '61 and '62.

 Maybe we are now getting payback from the Esks and Als for robbing them blind in the '60's!!

Speaking of Nick Kordic, I was watching parts of that Western-Waterloo game yesterday (yes, I had a little time on my hands) on The Score and Kordic looked impressive from what I saw. And he was impressive during the pre-season as you may recall, so it looks like that was a good pick. And another reason I liked watching that game (until the Mustangs made it one-sided in the 2nd half) was seeing Greg Marshall coach against Dennis McPhee and Joe Paopao. Marshall may not be under as much pressure now that he's no longer coaching the Ticats, but his job is certainly not stress-free. Expectations are high at UWO.

And to keep this thread on-topic, I would like to know exactly how many trades Desjardins has made. He has made some bad ones, but he is a rookie GM. IMHO, it is too soon to give up on him. You can't keep quitting on the rookies you bring in. But Desjardins had better do some things to impress us soon, though. It seems it has been a while since we ripped off a team in a trade. It would help if that happened again. And speaking of one-sided trades that were in our favour, did not not give up very little to get Grover Covington?