Where Lapolice and Mac big mistakes?

When is it OK to ask the tough questions? Should Bombers have gone with an experienced Head Coach? Should they have settled for Mac, an out of touch,out of work football man?

Have Bombers moved forward this year? Tell me how?

I think Lapolice has done a great job setting up the foundations for this team with the exception of the Kavis hire.

Mac however has shown nothing. A couple imports Harris and Suber who may or may not pan out, no trades to improve the team and now NFL cuts we'll see if he has any connections. If there is no influx of import talent he's pretty much a has been IMO.

kinda dumb to even speculate at this point. Way to early. There is no ifs regarding Joe Macks connections He has them. The if would identifying the teams needs and filling those needs. Personally I think the BBs are on the right track. however with so many injuries to a young`team to it is again really hard to assess. I agree that KR is a huge question mark which is La Pos responsibiliy time will tell

OK they did well today, so I will cut them some slack. One win does not make a season though. Also did Bombers really play well enough to hold Riders to 2 points, Or did they beat themselves to a degree? Are the Riders that bad and the Bombers that good? I think probably not, sorry!

The bbs are young and have had lots of injuries .... not to make excuses ... just fact. today they got douglas back on the oline,, reed has a big day on the defensive side this is a young defence with lots of speed and they are getting better. with bowman back at linebacker they are much better. no matter what anyone says I think Suber is a keeper. He is very quick to react to the ball and again the upside is his youth. once tjh is back The offense should improve expedentially barring injuries of course next week will be a test against a very good toronto defense on the road so we will see how it all plays out. The one thing I dont get is hargreaves he is a specimen but has so so hands and doesnt get open much. BBs desperately need to improve their NI quality on the offensive side of the ball

Based on today's performance, unquestionably.

I've been critical of Winnipeg's DHBs this season. . . none of the three used in the HB spots (Kent, Suber, Stewart) were, to my mind, playing up to the level of their predecessors (Hefney and Walls).

But today, Stewart played well at one HB spot, Kent was effective at LB, and Suber was lights out. Easily the best game he's played this season. . . here's hoping he keeps that up.

Overall, what impressed me the most about the Bombers today was the intensity level. It was apparent from the kickoff that they really wanted this game, and were not to be denied. Riders just couldn't match that.

Amazing what a little continuity can do...

First time all season we've fielded the same defence two weeks in a row...

Not only the same defence two games in a row but I think this is the first time since game 1 that we've had almost all of our starters on defence in the line-up.

I think you're right, as usual.

Wow...that speak volumes...doesn't it?