where is Yeast?

I know he got cut from the Cats this season, where has he ended up since then?

Exactly where many figured he'd be... at home.

The fact that he's not playing anywhere speaks volumes, doesn't it?

In all sincereity I hope he is doing well.

You have to think he`s in trouble when they bring back Yo Murphy rather than give Yeast a shot . You have to wonder if Yeast was alot worse than what we saw on the field from him .

did you see murphy play today? he didnt look that bad

l think he's working bakery dep at fortinos

He was but apparently got fired for not lifting the cupcake trays when they asked him to

On to flippin burgers and if he flips one too far out, he’ll get fired for not going for it hard before it hits the ground. :lol:

Actually, that isn’t nice, I do wish the best for him in his future endeavours, honestly.

I guess the “myth” of Yeast being a jerk wasnt a myth after all

Who cares about his personality.... I'm more negative about his playing ability, that's all.

Agreed. It's not fair to comment on his personality if you don't know him.

But if you've watched him play, then offering opinions on his play is fair game.

maybe Winnipeg will sign him.

I thought he got cut too, but, according to the Jumbomatron-big-screen-thingy at IWS, he still plays for the Cats. During the player introductions at the last home game, the screen read "#5 Craig Yeast" in huge letters as a Ticat player ran out on the field, although said player looked suspiciously like Anthony Davis rather than Craig Yeast.

Marty York's sources tell me that Craig Yeast hangs out at a bar for attitude-challenged ex players who can't get a job....his compadres at the bar include Frank Cutolo, Jason Lamar, and Mark Word.

York's sources also say that the next bar down the street is the place where ex-QBs who can't get a job hang out; Pat Barnes, Stanley Jackson, Ted White, and Tee Martin.

Mike Quinn?

Ah yes, he's probably there too.....how could I have forgotten him? Mind you, I suppose all Bomber fans would LIKE to forget him.........

Very creative Mate ... well done!