Where is Wynn?

So here we are in B.C trying to figure out where is S.Wynn? How come he is not starting in Winnipeg? Is he hurt? Has he fallen out of favor with management even before he has had a chance to start? WHAT IS UP? not that it really matters to us here ,but did we not get your first rounder when Wynn resigned? I think you guys should start asking questions before all of us over here in B.C thank the Bombers for the first over all pick. S.Wynn is a good QB if he gets some time on the feild as a starter.
Good luck!

I second that... he played good when called upon here last year...he should be given a chance... and if they aren't going to use him they should send him somewhere else where he might have a chance to play... maybe Hamilton??.... but judging by what i've seen of the Bombers so far... i think he can only help.

Wynn did not impress enough during pre-season and will not start for the Bombers immediately because of that reason; but also .....there is a secret weapon that the BigBlue have found......namely a young kid named Michna.....very quick to learn....showed best in pre-season of all QB'S.......looks like another Ricky Ray only he's a lefty.......watch for this guy in the future....Wynn has now been relagated to the back of the pack and I feel the Bombers have to make a move with him....he's too good to sit.....I think the QB. controversy is unsettling the team and as soon as hardfast decisions are made on the final starters the merry-go-round will continue.....Wynn deserves a shot.... :!:

I haven't seen the Bombers play yet this year but I too am shocked that Wynn hasn't shown the goods this year. The Lion players had a lot of confidence in him and he was left in to win the last regular game of the year which we won if I recall correctly on the last play of the game with a huge bomb from Wynn to Geroy Simon in the end zone.

It was dodgy that we were going to lose and I could see Wally giving Wynn the hook to get the win back but they stuck with the guy and he did well with a super pass to win.

I don't know what is going on with Wynn, he's been damn near invisible since joining the Bombers.

I don't know what Taman is thinking, but there are a bunch of teams out there looking for a quality (backup) QB, and the Bomber's depth chart is umm... 'questionable' in many positions.

Wynn's value is not going to appreciate under the current situation, so what the heck gives?! Trade him already!

Yup. I agree with AirCanada. Hardly a peep about Wynn. Play or Trade.

maybe this is it. we all think(most of us anyways) that wynn is the most talented qb we have. however we also have two others that are used to being told that they will get a chance to start with glenn and martin and we have a promising michna in the backgroud. we also know that at the start of the season we need time to learn a system with al thechanges. so they give glenn and martin a few starts to keep them happy and as soon as things start to looked slightly better they throw wynn in there. suddenly we look improved and he has secured the starting job and the others can't say they never got a shot. okay far fetched maybe but nothing else makes any more sense. maybe good ol' cal wants his old job back. sorry taman.

I think you're reaching a bit there Blackdale :wink:

My best guess is that Wynn simply has not given the Bombers any reason to bump him up the depth chart. Perhaps he's struggling a bit, who knows. He may also have had some issues with Daley or the other coaches - it's funny how personalities react sometimes ...

The bottom line is he's a long way from playing as a Bomber, and his trade value is only decreasing as time goes by.

For the record, I thought he did fine playing for BC and I was quite happy when the Bombers got hold of him.

I'm a BB fan through and through but it always seems as thought the most popular player on the BB's is the back up quarterback!!!!

Well if you ask me at this point what would it hurt to put him in. The worst thing that could happen is they lose and that is already happening. So give him a shot. P.S thanks again for the first rounder Taman