Where is Warner?

Warner is in "HIDDEN" mode, haha thats classic.

Warner! He has been here all along! Maybe not this thread but I am sure he will be happy to answer all your questions!

I wonder where RNR has been hiding. Maybe he is still in his seat at Commonwealth, still in disbelief that his team lost! Either that , or he is too embarrassed after the chirping he did for two weeks... :lol: :lol:

As hard as it is for some of the die hards here to believe, some of the posters on this board actually have a life, outside of their monitors, keyboards, cfl.ca and whatever other internet chat rooms they are members of to make themselves feel important, and put some hollow meaning in their lives. You know, girlfriends, wives, children, buddies, camping trips, soft ball tournaments, vacations, trips to the beach, etc, etc, etc. I would consider someone not posting here for awhile as a very positive sign of their mental health… at least there is a chance that they have a life outside of watching their a.ss grow wider while keeping up a certain number of posts, so that the other no life losers don’t think they have gone missing.

RnR will return soon enough. Hopefully, his absence is a sign that he has actual people in his life, and can’t be on here every day. I’m sure he will be quite complimented that he means so much to all of you, that a very brief 2 or 3 day absence stirs such debate.

And here I thought he doesnt want to face the music... silly me...

Must be just a coincidence that RnR and Warner are here every day except after they lose.

lol lol..... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Today was my earliest opportunity to log on to this site. Considering how late the game ended Thursday, and I wasn't near a computer on Friday, I don't see how that is so hard to believe. Part of the problem of having a "life", I guess.

As for RnR, I'm sure he has his reasons, but let's wait for him to explain. It's a beautifully warm weekend here in Alberta, and I'm sure he is enjoying himself outside, without the benefit of a laptop. We can't all be computer geeks.

Why is it so hard to understand why the post counts of a teams fans drop off a bit after a loss? I'm pretty sure that that is true for EVERY team. The Grey Cup is awarded in November, not July. Who wants to listen to every idiot with an opinion claim that a team is finished for the year, after a loss in July? After the Grey Cup game last November, this site was a ghost town, outside of us Eskimo fans. Is it really that confusing to you, as to why that would be?

Sorry Warner but it is my shift! Thats see bomber fans suq and the next one was Taman would sign the worlds fastest chicken oh ya here it is!
The Eskie fans were not the only ones on the site after GC. Sorry wrong!
But really who cares if someone does not show up after the game or the next day. The eskie fans have indeed answered the call! Big deal. Last year the bomber fans disappeared completely! But hey thats shake hands and be friends! :lol:

Let's put it this way. Last year the Bomber fans suffered through a a long long journey in the desert without water. This year they found some water and just can't stop telling everyone how good it feels. We might say it differently but hey! it's a good year so far.