Where is Warner?

Two weeks ago he was accounting for 40% of the posts on here, then last week he actually congratulated the Riders for their win (although I think it was more to point out that BC is in last place) and he has been very quiet ever since. What gives. Perhaps a heart attack after last nights game. I know I would have suffered an anurism if I was a fan of either team. Perhaps he is plotting a DM assassination. Just curious.

Go Riders!!

....there have been no EE fans around this morning....

Cmon Eskimo fans! I wanna hear your 101 reasons why the loss was a fluke!

To be honest those two good boys from Edmonton are in my backyard having a beer thinking of come backs to all your questions> When they are ready they will be on stage! Enjoy their wrath! :lol:

Oh boy! RW2k, how little we know about you, where did you hide the bodies? in your back yard? YOUR SICK!!! :lol:

Kind of like "Wheres Waldo?". I love thos books :slight_smile:.

The game took like 4 hours yesterday, I didn't get home till midnight-probably like most others(and i had to wake up for work at 4 in the morning). Pretty disappointing game. Congrat's on the win, bombers. The esks were seriously outcoached, and there had better be some changes(coaching-wise), or this season will likely be another 9-9, like back in '04. You see, when your team loses, you don't have to make up excuses as some bombers fans did w/ montreal last week. I guess most esks fans have just decided to take a break from here after a loss like that. I'm able to come on here and not have to make excuses, or take any edmonton bashing too seriously.

Glad to hear from you Esks123. Nice post.


I'm sure all the Eskimo fans are in shock over losing on the last play of the game on a 100 yard pass play. Teams lose games each week, but it's especially tough to lose a game this way. The team and their fans will get over it eventually. Other than the drubbing they absorbed from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers several weeks ago, when the Eskimos didn't even show up, they have been competitive, but not playing consistently well enough to win more than they lose. They will be fine, they still have Ricky Ray, several very good receivers, Troy Davis, and some good players on defense. They need a better offensive line, and a more consistent defense, and without these two upgrades, they may very well have a 9-9 season, but it still may be good enough to make the playoffs. We'll just have to wait and see how things play out.

...its not you esks123...that i'm looking for;;;;(though i don't like your comments about the Bombers making excuses..i think quite a few teams supporters are guilty of that )......it's that rickyrunaway guy ...and his partner ee....They sure can spout off a lot of drivel....but when the tires have hit the pavement...they are no where to be found....Sure its a tough loss...tell us about it ..after the shellacking we took from the ALS. Most Bomber posters at least adhere to the unwritten rule...'if you talk the talk...you better be able to walk the walk'...anyway i have no problem with you....you are a good sport...and i know the Esks. ain;t dead....Might need a few changes though.. :wink:

Gotta love this post by warner last week.

"All I know is that Montford and the Eskies D are licking their chops at the opportunity to pound Glenn into pudding next week, when he is protected by that patchwork Oline, held together with duct tape and binder twine. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy But hey, at least you'll have a couple of built in excuses for your loss. Injuries and natural grass. Hey, with any luck, a couple of calls go the Eskimos way, and then you'll have the refs to blame as well.

GO ESKS GO!!!!!!!!"

Ouch Warner has some explaining to do! But when he wrote that he came out of the dentist and well was not up to his usual level headed self! But I am sure he can explain this no problem! :lol:

So much for that prediction... :lol:

I know fans from all teams make excuses from time to time. But I think it was just overboard last week from some of the bomber fans on this board(Like honestly, how many threads did we see about poor reffing?). I don’t mean to offend any bomber fans who didn’t participate in what most have called “whining and complaining” during last week.

I’m just glad the esks are done with the bombers this season, they have our number!(unless of course we meet in the grey cup… 8) )

you are a good fan esks123, but there are far too few like you for your team here.

Esks123 seems to be the only stand up Eskimo fan around here.. hey I will dish , but I will step up and take the barbs if my team loses as well. The games yesterday were exciting and went right down to the last play. Thats the beauty of the CFL. A game is NEVER over until that final gun sounds. Seems like Esks123 is the only Edmonton fan that will take the heat, warner , rawimabandwagonjumperray and EE are nowhere to be seen.

I was actually very impressed with RicktRay. That dude stand in the pocket so long and seems never to get upset by the pressure and man was he under pressure. He is tough smart and cool. I was impressed

Guess he never heard of Imodium.