Where is the Tight End in CFL

I just started to watch the CFL and I was surprised to see that the Tight End position does not exist…I was looking to every team’s roster and a single Tight End is nowhere to be found.
I don’t really understand the End Zone also…It looks bigger than the NFL

Can someone help me out …Where is the Tight End?


The end zone in the CFL is 20 yards deep compaired to 10 for the NFL.
I am not sure about the tight end, I dont think that you can be listed as a tight end but in you line up in the spot you are concidered as one not sure thought.

Anyone else know about it?

The CFL teams prefer lining up one more receiver and no tight end.

My guess is they want to line up more speed on a bigger field…

The Tight End is an extra lineman and can be an extra receiver as well. But he’d always be coming out of a three point stance.

Given the width of the CFL field and the 3 down rule, teams will throw the ball more often than run it. Using a tight end as an extra linemen wouldn’t be productive because teams don’t run the ball as much as in American football/4 down football. A tight end is also slow coming out of a 3 point stance as oppose to slots which take a running stance into their routes. So might as well use slot backs.

Because of the extra 12th man and the larger width of the field, the offensive and defensive schemes are different in the CFL.


1 QB, 5 O-linemen, 2 wide receivers, 2 slotbacks (very close to the tight end position except that slotbacks play slightly deeper and thus can’t be big hulking brutes, they have to be fast), 1 running back, and 1 fullback (fullback often switched out for an extra slotback in a 5-receiver set).


Same except for the secondary. Instead of a strong safety and a free safety (as in the NFL) you have 1 free safety and two defensive backs (halfbacks) who cover in the inside (slotback) receiver routes.

So regarding your question about tight ends, they’re generally not needed because of the extra inside receivers. Occasionally teams will line up one or two tight ends in a formation – Montreal sometimes uses Anwar Stewart, a rush end, as a tight end. Or teams will stack two ‘jumbo’ tight ends to stop the pass rush. But these plays are the exception rather than the rule.

does the NFL have slot backs?

…a TE or a receiver who lines up off the guard and back off hte line of scrimmage becomes a slot back…

this is what i thought. but i wasnt positive

Anyone know of a good online resource for CFL position descriptions & terminology?

I’m surprised I couldn’t find anything on cfl.ca, but maybe I’m looking in the wrong places?