Where is the saved Money going

It appears that we have got rid of alot of salary in :

Frank Murphy
Brock Ralf
Tay Cody

Now where is the money being spent ?

We cannot be anywhere near the cap especially comparing to the argos an all those veterans .

I know Printers is Making a ton and Miles and Moreno
are liklely earnig a bit but we should have mone left over to get a decent linebacker , Dlineman, and reciever considering the above players salries that were dumped and looking at the other teams rosters .

i hope OBIE brings in A bit more CFL experience at those 3 positions

And I suspect he probably will, when he sees who gets released by other teams after training camp.

But…if looking for a CFL experienced linebacker, both Scott Coe and Brian Clark are out there…where’s the harm in inviting one or both of them to camp?

If there’s still some gas in the tank, could be a good pickup; if there isn’t, nothing lost in finding out at training camp.

YES ..Those 2 linebackers would be ideal and will coem a bit cheaper then if they had not been released . I recall OBIE talking about how hsi strength is he knows players worth in $$$$


And I don't think the coaching staff wants to transition to a 3-4 defense at this point because the defensive line personnel doesn't fit that scheme. So I would be surprised to see those linebackers you mentioned wearing the black and gold.

Obie seems pretty content with SLB Mariuz/Botteril. MLB Moreno, and WLB Markeith Knowlton as his three linebackers and Keith and McKay at rush end.

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Creehan would be very familiar with both Coe and Clark, so if there's some value there, I'm sure we could see them.
I wouldn't worry too much about where the money is going just yet. I'm sure by the end of the season we will be very near the salary cap limit.

WPG cut Juran Bolden today.

This is the way I look at it...

If you spend to the cap when you are rebuilding how are you going to extend the contracts of the young players in the future? i.e. Moreno, Hage and Lumsden, Setta, Marcoux, etc in the future.

You don't just spend money for the sake of spending. Also, I dont think you can expect a signing to replace Armstead 4 days after he was cut.

He has been banged up the last couple of seasons.

Im thinking Boldens release was money oriented as well . I doubt we`ll see him here but I wouldnt mind .

You post should bring an end to

the 'Why aren't we maxing out the cap' comments...

but it won't. Excellent points, whoknows.

are you suggesting this team doesnt spend to the cap? They say that they do.

I've been asking this same question for a long time now. It seems we're always cutting guys with big salaries, but we don't sign anyone. Sure we gave Printers mega-bucks, but who else is getting all of Mr. Young's money?

Considering how many rookies we had on our team last year, and how many rookies we're going to have this year, our team shouldn't be anywhere near the salary cap. I know vets cost more, and rookies are paid near-minimum salaries, so again, where's the money going?

I see no harm in giving Brian Clark a look. His play and situation remind me of Rob Hitchcock!

The "situation" being he is 34 years old. (a few years younger) Providing he is healthy...give him a look. :thup:

I wouldn't be surprised to see him on O'bie's radar.

Back to the original question...I think we will see a "Big Trade"....one that will include a go-to guy receiver! Could the initials be "GS"? I hope so!!!

I don't know what they spend. I doubt any team would be right at the cap now seeing how it may adjust due to injuries and other events throughout the year.

So the cats are saving money so they can spend it on the players they are currently losing with.

Two things here. I don’t think the Brian Clark’s of the world will ever be “brought in for a look.” They’ve been around the league a while, and if they sign with a team it will be because they know they are going to play.

Second: Why does everyone keep bringing up the idea that Geroy Simon is going to land in Hamilton? Why would BC trade him? And who could we possibly trade to BC to get him? (My favourite trade rumour involved Radlein and a pick for Geroy, ya, cuz that woulda happened!) It just doesn’t make any sense whatsoever so let’s give it a rest.

^^^^ I heard Wally offered Geroy for Armstead

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

We have gone from underspending to over spending
to underspending...you name it.

The past years 4 years are history

Despite Marcel Desjardin's lack of success
with his chainsaw approach to re- building the Tiger Cats,

late last season the Ticats still had room under the cap
to sign a marquee player, named Casey Printers.

Why should anyone think Obie doesn't know enough
to keep budget available for the building blocks of the future?

Obie keeps tabs on veterans who are available, too.
Trust me, he knows a lot more about Scott Coe
or Brian Clark and others who might come than we do.

Obie knows not only who has but who can still produce results
and who is worthy of top $$$ a lot better than we do.

and which positions are our most pressing need.

Those are the one's he'll target and snare.

If veteran players who fit our needs aren't available,
then, in the meantime, he can find fresh young talent.

Cameron Wake, for one, comes to mind.

Don't worry be happy..this takes time.

We do understand, this is a building year, don't we?

I would not be surprised to see GeriBob trade Printers.