Where is the salary cap again?????????????

I 'm just wondering why pigtown can sign these losres from the NFL for such a huge salary and stay under the "CAP" ?????????

the salary cap was rejected, in part, to your bob young!...blame him.

the argos wanted the cap.

  1. The Cap is gone.
  2. The cap was not to be enforced this year anyways.

The cap is not in affect until next year. The Argos will only have Williams for one year, and then he will be able to play with the Dolphins, as his suspension will be over. Maybe we should be renamed the rehab league. This really disgusts me.

Your not the only one disgusted by this acquisition

Ricky Williams has been on the carpet four times thus far in his NFL career for drugs.
At least the NFl is monitoring it's players for drugs, unlike the Canadian League which doesn't.
This oversight on our part should give Ricky Williams the opportunity to play "stoned" for the entire 06 season.
The CFL truly needs to get some parameters in place to monitor these jerks and then, give no second chances.
Meanwhile, the CFL should hang their heads in shame for allowing this idiot to play football anywhere in this league.

Re-Meanwhile, the CFL should hang their heads in shame for allowing this idiot to play football anywhere in this league. Oh, really.. yuk yuk, being a ticat fan , id degress as to taking the "high" ground in supporting the rivalry>. :stuck_out_tongue:

Where has it ever been? This is nothing new.

LOL @ Rocky123

Really... so institute a rule telling a guy he cant play here for smoking pot, yet the other 400 players in the league CAN smoke pot cause theres no drug policy in the CFL, interesting. Double Standard? Pot? Kettle?

Ken Fidlin SLAM Sports

click here

"As part of the NFL drug policy, Williams is being tested as many as 10 times a month, it has been reported. If he gets caught, he risks an additional suspension
and forfeits even more potential salary.

Do you not think that's enough of a deterrent
to keep him weed-free during his time in Canada?"

Some posters' prejudices against marijuana seem to be clouding their judgement,

or is it envy of, or jealousy towards, the Argos and their fierce loyalties for their own favourite team that is clouding their judgement?

or is it that they haven't bothered to read and inform themselves of this issue and the particular circumstances in Ricky's case?


In reference to your post Crash, ironically, Ricky is the only CFL player who is subject to tests for marijuana use but those tests are conducted and paid for by the NFL.

I think Ricky on the Argos is a great move for the team and the league. I’m happy.

I think that Ricky in T.O does make the league look bad but soemone prevously pointed out the CFL has no drug testing. So he shouldn't be banned from playing because he uses drugs but because he was suspended by the NFL. Angelo Mosca said best today that the CFL should be up holding the suspension the NFL imposed. Todd Betuzzi was not allowed to play for team Canada because they up help the NHL suspension.....

The Argos owners have publicly said they have room under the cap. They are pretty decent guys, but no one really believes them. So I ask this question: Is it within the realm of possibility that they are under the cap this year?

The salary cap is basically $3.8 million for 44 players. Ricky has signed for $240,000. Rumors are that John Avery is paid $250,000. Let's assume Damon Allen earns $300,000. That leaves about $3 million for the remaining 41 players.

$3 million / 41 players = an average of $73,000 for the remaining players. Quite feasible.

If the Argos cut Avery, then they have a smaller payroll this year because Avery earns more than Ricky.

Early rumors suggested that Ricky would earn $350,000. The final contract is less than that.

Objection, your Honour!

I move that the witness's speculation
about the Argos being over the salary cap

be stricken from the record because the witness
does not have personal knowledge of the matter.

The only one with the real answer to this question is "CapitalTD". Where are you?

Does this change anything?

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/Toronto/2006/05/30/1605964-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Football/CFL/ ... 4-sun.html[/url]
Ricky Williams will earn close to $500,000 this season -- almost twice what originally was reported -- to play his only year of Canadian football.

A bevy of sources confirmed yesterday that Williams’ salary is significantly higher than the $240,000 a year mark that has been attributed to the contract he agreed to Sunday with the Argonauts

The Argos can afford this kind of deal because the stringent salary cap, agreed to by reluctant CFL governors in the winter, has yet to be implemented for the coming season.

Ron, do you realize what you're saying?

If this site relied on only those posters who have PERSONAL KNOWLEDGE of the subject being discussed, it would be full of empty pages.
You disagree with some opinions, I disagree with some opinions, but opinions are at least 95% of the posts here.
And so, I disagreee with your opinion that a certain post should be stricken. Back to square one?

I guess we owe tha Argo fans an apology.Ricky Williams isnt making $250,000 a year its $500,000 a year.So they have lost money for the last 2 years,and will probably lose money again this year,so i guess signing Ricky to such a big contract was a good idea.I wonder how long it will take Argo owners to cry broke.I guess in 3 years.Wonder who the next NFL reject signs with the ARGOS.They look good this year with Ricky,but whats gonna happen next year when hes gone.Wouldnt it make more sense to invest in a player whos gonna be around for more than 1 year.If i was a veteran on that team whos actually earned his pay i would be really pissed off.

Wilf, I guess I should have used "Smileys"

I was trying to say, in a humorous way,

that no one knows what the Argos final year-end salary expenses are yet,

even though most of us, me included,
feel that they have never been averse
to exceeding salary caps in the past.


The legal language I used was from a site listing proper legal language for lawyers
to use when making objections in court.

It included the words "personal knowledge" that obviously you objected to. Go figure.