Where is the running game

B.C. needs a running game bad. Look what happened when the weather turned. Ray went to Davis and started moving the ball. B.C. stayed in the air, DD and the receivers were slipping and falling all over the place. If Wally has lost confidence in Warren then bring someone else in. Maybe give Joe Smith a shot from the practice roster, or involve Lyle Green more in the run.

I said this after the first pre-season game. We have no running game, and until we doi, the Leo's are going to be losing games.

So true.

Watching the Bombers yesterday, all they did was play action after Roberts was established.

And how often did B.C. bite on a fake handoff to Davis while Ray rolls the other way with plenty of real estate and time to throw.

Pretty hard for the Lions to sell play action when they don't run the ball. Teams are just teeing off on Dickenson. Chapdelaine needs to wake-up!

Antonio Warren is not the man.

Antonio Warren is the man. Wally will not give him the ball. count the number of carries he gets. Go back in history. When he carries the ball, things happen The lions win. When he doesnt get the ball ...... This is all about Wally and his Offensive Coordinator and the O line coach. The O line needs to know what to do when the ball is being run. Warren performed against Toronto. Design some running plays and teach the O line what to do.

If Warren could hang onto the ball better, I am sure he would get more touches, but when you fumble the ball at least once per game, if not more, the team loses faith in you.

It all goes back to Chapedelain..... Just ask the Calgary posters what they thought of his offensive schemes!

Warren needs to hang onto the ball. He was a good back before all the fumble problems. If you can't keep the ball They arn't gonna give it to you.

Get a new OC…then maybe something will happen. We’ve got the guys (Warren not being one of them), now we just need the good coaches.

They really should give Joe Smith a shot. He led NFLE in rushing last year.

You may have a new RB coming. initials MP

The OC is the problem. Has been forever. Lets not forget the idiotic calls when they lost the Cup two years ago. The whole plan is predictable and Warren will be the scapegoat, and then what. Running backs get better the more they run. Not when they get the ball 8 times a game.

You either didn't hear me or don't care.

Yup, Never liked Chapedelaine when he was with Calgary, and I’m not a big fan of his here. I wish SFU would have hired Chapdelaine so we could get a decent OC (George Cortez???)

Don't tease us...who is he and what is his credentials?

Warren has got to start hitting the holes and run with more power.

Find a hole. the O line is a part of that, or does he have to make the holes and hit them simultaneously. They need better coaching. They need better schemes.

AW needs to be able to find new holes if the hole he's supposed to go through is closed.