Where is the ROAR?

Seems some Lions are going into hibernation a little early.. right RLR?... :twisted:

Too funny, you admit the Lions got robbed on the non PI call that cost them the game and now this.

He who laughs first, doesn't laugh last. See you guys in a couple of weeks!

Why? You'll be in Winnipeg, playing the crossover......

very doubtful if any team is in a crossover its edmonton not bc

Apparently you need a bit of a history lesson.

All season when the Lions were struggling, RLR was nowhere to be found. But then the Lions start to put together a few wins, get above .500, and suddenly RLR was back to talk some trash.

But now that the Lions have lost tonight, it's very doubtful you'll see RLR around. He's the type of fan who only comes online when his team is playing well. :wink:

guys its not very much time after the game. It's called Saturday night, give him a bit of time.

5440, did you read Chief's post? Well he missed one thing... RLR would come here if the Lions would "get away with one" and chirp about how good the team he cheers for is... so just a little bit of payback to him.. funny though how Lions' fans can dish it out, but can't take it... :roll:

...only a few, most here are pretty good about it sam, in my opinion...

And what about Debralynn??? She used to be jonny-on-the-spot too in those situations.

I think RLR is hungover. I know I would be.

I think it was a great game, exciting to the end. Yeah, I'm po'd because PI wasn't called on that last play, but to be honest, it shouldn't have gotten to that point. Crawford and Phillips made those big mistakes on the last Rider drive, allowing them to score the TD, and then the secondary allowing the 2 point conversion. Our D did not give good pressure on Durant all game, and our secondary did a crappy job keeping the Rider receivers covered. The only thing I will give the D is that the line was able to control the run for the most part.

Well, I can always hope that the Ti-Cats will beat the Riders next week...and hopefully we have a better game against Calgary than we've had in the last two years. I can't even remember the last time we beat the Stamps. But the final game of the season I'm not worried about...we will beat the Schmoes handily. Then it's just a matter of seeing whether Calgary or Saskatchewan takes first. Personally, I'm hoping for the Stamps.

...i got a kick out of the o line for the leos holding hands at the end of the game...I know they were doing it cuz they couldn't hear the qb. but it looked funny as hell....sort of like giant kids who were scared of getting lost.....oh yeah.... and they did... :lol: :lol:

You mean the average Vancouver sports fan?

^Touche. And true.

Vancouver is a very fair-weather sports town. It always makes me laugh when the fans make noise when the Lions are on offense, yet are so quiet when they are on defense. Talk about mixing it up. It was the same with the Grizzlies. BTW Canucks suck.!

I should dress up in Orange and start "Go lions go" chants while they have the ball on offense and see how many join in :wink: To be honest there's fans like that everywhere, there were clueless people in my section cheering while Congi lined up for the potentially game winning field goal.

Has he had enough time?

Must be one hell of a hangover...