Where is the Recent Transactions Section of the CFL

It used to be spearate from the news, and listend only recent transactions, releases, trades, signings?

With all of the recent signings there has to be more releases, but I don’t see any. The CFL and many teams had also provided a current list of who was on and off the roster. I don’t see that on this site or some team sites.

Could check with TSN or Sportsnet, sometimes they keep track of it…

I don’t think anyone will be release before training camp is on. What would be the point in keeping guys on the payroll all winter long just to cut them before training camp?

All rosters are over-inflated now, but it will rain players in a few weeks.

The Weather Network already warns for falling running backs in Montreal.

no way Turd, I am sure that Don has finally wigged out and plans to utilize his One-Centre-11-men-in-the-backfield offensive strategy…

i don’t know but i bet some have done it. i mean, who would have thought hamilton would have traded montford? Things are a little shakey with Davis, and Cat fans had been pushing management to sign Davis.

who knows why coaches make their decisions before during and after camp.

Thanks R & W, just did, there was very limited transactions of any kind, and the rosters are very much out dated. :frowning:

As a rule we never publish Transactions during the off season. Each team is responsible for publishing their own transactions. This prevents the possibility of the League Office publishing a transaction before the team decides to announce it. In addition there really is not alot of movement during the off season. That is why we only post signings and trade announcements and not Transactions.

However once the season begins and there is more movement we will be posting the daily transactions.

CFLpm (formerly WEBMASTERcfl)

Thanks, so it appears if the teams don’t update fans on transactions, only the signings, trades, we won’t know them. Some of the rosters on the various team sites are outdated, others are more current.