Where is the pass rush?#9

#9 :thdn: Loescher has ONE sack and is in last place so far this season for sacks ok he missed last game and we had more pressure against the Argos!, what do we pay this guy for? Steeltown tough not for the RUSH? Maybe they should bring in a bookend that CAN GET THE JOB DONE AND SACK THE QB :roll: I miss the days of #53 kicking some ass :rockin:

Well if there's something that needs fixing on the Hamilton D, it sure is the line.

The secondary, although torched by Calvillo in game 1, has looked darn good since; Gordon has bounced back nicely, they were terrific as a group against Toronto, and but for some maddening missed tackles they played very well against Saskatchewan.

The LBs are solid as well.....Knowlton is a real find, boy was he ever flying under the radar out in BC last season. Moreno is a rock, and Mariuz has kicked his game up a notch or two since the opener.

But that D line; yes, more pressure is needed for this to once again become a fearsome Steeltown defence.

Is it personnel or is it scheme?

Gordon sucks, saw yet another tip drill last against the Riders,, tip to dominques , let to TD

It wasn't Gorden on that play,,it was Thompson..
the coverage would be better if we had a decent pass rush..
Why arn't they playing Wayne..whenever he's in, he gets in a decent rush!

If I recall correctly from watching the game, wasn't it Thompson who tipped it to Dominguez???

I could be wrong, just wondering

you are right, my mistake

Very valid point catfan13; a strong rush helps any secondary greatly. A weak rush will make even a great secondary appear average.

I miss the days of #s 77 and 61. :smiley:

One of the keys also is that the whole line was solid in that era too, with guys like Price and Skillman.

Funny how things can change suddenly in a new environment though. Montford didn't seem to fade from Edmonton so much as vanish in a split second. Was it really just age catching up?

On a slightly related note: Fred Perry hasn't racked up the stats in Edmonton so far this season (yes, I realize stats may not be the whole story). Eric Tillman looks smarter with every passing day...

good dbacks help also and cause sacks when theres nobody to throw to. There was a few breakdowns and watching the game again today I think that thompson had a weak outing and seemed confused a lot. If the qb has nobody to throw to it often leads to a coverage sack.