Where Is The Love?

What's up?.....no posts on the win (slaughter) vs. Montreal? I can't say much about it because (unfortunately) I didn't get to see it. I will have the last laugh on a customer who bet against the Lions though. I tried to warn him.....

I'm surprised there's no buzz about the game. A good win deserves some follow-up, no?

And who, exactly, is this Brent Johnson, scoring machine? Love that guy, what's he gonna' do next - qb?!

Good job team...keep it rolling!

It's not that there's no buzz about the team . It's just that you've come to the wrong place for it. Try Lionbackers.com . If you watch this forum for a while you'll see why almost all the Lion fans have left here , this place just $ucks that's all.

If it does?? It's strictly because of the few like you that see the need to make remarks like that.

Well, I'll go there too. I had the game on the radio at work (until 6), then I listened on the way to visit Mom in hospital. I managed to catch the last 28 seconds.

Buck's sure proving himself out there. And Geroy - well, what can I say? When ISN'T he spectacular? Sorry I missed it (but my heart was there).

I don't know if it's me, my computer, or this website but the last few posts I've tried to make here (yes one on BC/Montreal)have not been displayed. Kind of frustrating.

I watched the whole game in a bar in Montreal, it was awesome. I currently live right next to Molson Stadium, so when the Als win I get obnoxious Als fans yelling and screaming by my house till 2am. They get to be quiet and I got to watch the Lions make Montreal's ass bleed. It's a win-win.

On the TV they said that Brent Johnson and Ben Cahoon might go head to head for best Canadian, and that Currently Johnson has more TD's(2) then Cahoon(1).

It was pretty funny