Where is the leadership?

So our players coach won’t take control of his team. Not winning is okay. Our GM brought in many players and except just 1 player on the Oline. Nothing in the media, he is absent. Our president does he even live here, nothing in the media. Our Board of Directors? Again absent. Finally our sensitive QB takes everything personal.
This team on all levels is a train wreck. No one seems to mind losing. And we’ll miss the playoffs or lose out in first round.
So the only hope we have now is BLM is signed and a miracle happens to save the jobs of the HC, GM, and President

The miracle would be losing out so they all get fired


Did I just hear you on the round table?

Im the one who said if the oline loses 1 guy, Viagra couldn't stiffen the rest of them up.


Haha thought that was you :laughing:

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so then you must also be one who knows if viagra really works?

Do you actually blm would actually play behind the online, they need some football people running the club. They still haven’t replaced Marino, they have no pass rush either.

Do we want BLM?

On another note, LaPo would make a good OC.... like now would be good.

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Just going to post that ..... but next year earliest he looked lost out there at times in the last few games .

He had no answers very Defeated in every expression .

No we don’t want blm, not as the number 1, stick with Cody, and develope someone behind him, and yes, I think lapolice would make a fine oc. Here, , but who knows what the off season will bring here, winds of change are blowing.