Where is the fourth Quarterback????

Will the QB's camp start on Thursday with just three QB's? If not does anyone know whats happening in this area? :roll:

There are a few signings that still have to be announced, i'm sure they will include a quarterback.

I hear Maas is available.

No, that's the "Where is the 24th Quarterback???" thread, Ock... :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


I still have hope we will wake up one day to find the whole Maas-Printers era taking a shower ala Bobby Ewing.

Would a fourth quarterback give us a fullback?

There is the rare eighth-back...

A fourth quarterback gives you a loonieback.

With all this punning about money, do you thing the imports will want to be paid in CAD instead of USD?

We could always use Bruce as our second QB, I think his stats were better than Porters. I just checked, Porter has a QB rating of 47% last yr. Its official he had a failing grade. Lets hope Glenn doesn't go down this yr..


Here is a quote from this article: http://ticats.ca/article/training-camp- ... arterbacks

General Manager Bob O'Billovich could potentially add a fourth quarterback to compete in time for next week's rookie camp.
And I remember hearing that the plan was to go into training camp with four QBs.

I also remember Bellefeuille saying that Tafralis was released because of a "logjam" at QB. But in that same article, Justin Dunk says this:

After spending two straight seasons on the Ticats injured list, Jason Boltus showed enough promise to signal the release of Adam Tafralis during the off-season.
So that article seemed to suggest that it's quite possible that Glenn, Porter, and Boltus will be the only QBs on the roster at training camp.

A release from another CFL team who has CFL experience could become our 4th QB.

Well Saskatchewan already signed Leak, so who does that leave available, other than Zabransky ?

:lol: Maybe it's JaMarcus Russell He was on Ticats Neg list at one time.

Even though I'm a Raiders fan, that guy makes Leon Spinks sound intelligernt...
He was the Michael Bishop of the NFL.

I'm disappointed!.....I was hoping the cats would pick up a legitament competitor for the third QB position.
But they just pickup a fill in for practises with a canadian QB. My feeling is that they only had a plan A that was
to pick up Sinopoli in their fifth round pick. but he went in the fourth round. So now they had to find another
canadian to fill that spot. But I think Sinopoli has the ability to be the first canadain QB since Jackson to be
successful in the CFL.
Anyhow it looks like the Cats have great faith in Boltus's ability to not have any competition with him for third string.
I just hope nothing happens to GLENN this year. If he goes down we may be like Winnipeg and be playing three or
four QB's with no cfl experience trying to keep our hopes alive. :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:


Heck a release from another CFL team who has CFL experience should become our 2nd QB. I'd take Zebransky in a heartbeat over Porter.

In case you didn't know the CATS picked up Kyle Quinlan from the Mauraders as their fourth QB.

I think Quinlan is only there as an "intern". As far as I know, he'll only be there during training camp to practice with the team as a learning experience. Once TC is done, I think he won't even be on the practice roster.

Incidentally, was there a 4th quarterback last year, or did we only have 3? I don't remember one.

Jason Boltus. I believe we had Sinopoli in camp last year as well, which would make 5.