Where is the Caretaker?

Have not heard from Bob Young for quite some time
Any one know anything ?

With the team playing well, and the new stadium, making our tickets scarce I don't have to promote the brand as regularly as I did in the past - so I get to be less of a salesman and more of a Ticat fan.

Thanks to everyone who have enabled this (much improved) evolution in my role. :smiley:

Dude, you have like 5 posts on this board that I've seen and every time you post you're starting a fight about something.

Onto the foe list you go. :lol:

But Bob we love seeing you here, please keep coming around and bringing smiles with you. :smiley: :smiley:

I'm with DogsFan - Telling someone they're insignificant or writing "you're wrong" is insulting and disrespectful. Take a page from the Caretaker - he's a class act (and a heck of a lot more than a janitor).

Ah c'mon children.

The most effective thing you can possibly do to someone you disagree with is to ignore them.

The additional benefit is if you are wrong, and they are just making a joke or they composed a poorly worded post or they otherwise innocently made a mistake, you don't accidentally embarrass them or yourself.

So the rules are simply: If you don't like a post don't "reply", if you don't like a poster don't respond to them.

...good words to live by Caretaker...I'll add "if a mod sees a guy who flagrantly is disobeying the rules of the forum then he wipes out the offending posts and bans the offender for a period of time to think about his actions"....that works too...

This I agree with...

For some reason, this reminds me of a passage from a story by humorist David Sedaris, about teaching a college creative writing workship he felt ill-prepared for:

The way I saw it, if my students were willing to pretend I was a teacher, the least I could do was return the favor and pretend that they were writers. Even if someone had used his real name and recounted, say, a recent appointment with an oral surgeon, I would accept the story as pure fiction, saying, “So tell us, Dean, how did you come up with this person??

The student might mumble, pointing to the bloodied cotton wad packed against his swollen gum, and I’d ask, “When did you decide that your character should seek treatment for his impacted molar?? This line of questioning allowed the authors to feel creative and protected anyone who held an unpopular political opinion.

“Let me get this straight,? one student said. “You’re telling me that if I say something out loud, it’s me saying it, but if I write the exact same thing on paper, it’s somebody else, right??

“Yes,? I said. “And we’re calling that fiction.?

The student pulled out his notebook, wrote something down, and handed me a sheet of paper that read, “That’s the stupidest fucking thing I ever heard in my life.?

They were a smart group.

So, I asked a question as to the whereabouts of Mr. Young. He graciously responded and I thank him for that.
Hope to here from you on labour day. :rockin: :slight_smile: