Where is the Caretaker?

We haven't had a state of the union address from the Caretaker in quite awhile. I'd like to know what his thoughts are about the season so far and the future as he sees it.

An Argo-Cat fan

The Owner did an update on sept 1 I believe. check the media section.

I could picture Bob leaving after this season if someone else were willing to buy the team. Just 'cause, 4 bad (really bad) years now in a row, it's almost unprecedented.

I met Bob at the tailgate party at Scott Park. Now how many owners would you see walking around and hanging out with the fans. Way to go Bob, it was nice meeting you

Late 70s, mid-90s…I know it’s easy to blot those stretches out. LOL However, I would agree that the 2003-2008 run has been the worst ever, save the 2004 playoff year.

Oski Wee Wee,

Yup, he did one on the 2nd. I'm not sure of the relevance of his eco-BS ramblings but he sure failed to address any of the issues that have been discussed by the fans on these forums.

I think in the last 5th quarter program, they said the Cats were something like 23-57 under BY. I'd like to know what he has in mind if anything to change the status quo.

An Argo-Cat fan

I agree ... the last "Caretakers Update" was a joke.

Bob seems to have lost his football interest.

I sure hope this is not the case. He has been a terrific owner.

Not Bob's job.

Probably why he's keeping a lower profile.

Lettin' Obie and Charlie do their jobs. good on you Bob!

Words of wisdom. Never bite the hand that feeds you. In short, thank your lucky stars Bob purchased the team and has stuck it out. I may be wrong but I don't recall Sinimon or Suckaloski being as gratious as Bob Young.

IMHO keep Bob out of the usaul bashing that goes on in this forum. Sometimes it is just best to STFU

STFU? I don't see anything above that would warrant that kind of crude response.

And while we're at it, can you give me one example of when the Argo owners were not gracious, let alone as gracious as BY?

An Argo-Cat fan

Your opinion is compromised by your signoff. And the STFU is hardly a crude response...your 'offense' had me LMFAO.

Bob has been a fantastic owner...I'm sure glad to have him at the helm. Luck hasn't been on his side, but he's done more than most of this franchise's owners combined to ensure stability. And he's brought a polished-ness to the gameday presentation -- regardless of what our opinions are on various elements.

The things people take for granted!


Exactly!!! In fact…was gonna say the same thing. The guy is an owner,not the PR guy.

count your blessings.

Bob Young has been the best thing to happen to Hamilton since we last won a cup.

He's put his money up to keep a team here and I believe he has hired the right people to bring us a winner.

You only have to look at Ottawa to see what a lack of proper ownership will do!

Yes, Bob was at the tailgate...being "A FAN", along with Scott Mitchell and Mark Bowden.

When they are out there at that point in time...that is exactly what they are doing...connecting with the fans.

They want a winner here as much if not more than any of us...let's not lose sight of that fact!

Bob Young could have invested his money and time in a lot more things that would have given a better return without the "bashing"!

If you were to ask him why he did it...he would probably say he did it to return something to his home town...he could do it because he cared and because it would be fun!

(Just my thoughts after meeting him several times!...but that is the impression I've got)

Let's hope it continues to be fun for him! :thup:

Good point, because running a business with an ongoing losing product and declining profit is probably embarassing to a proud businessman like Bob.

I don't agree...a proud businessman...and a smart one will build the team up and sell when High! That is a much better legacy..and with the hopes that a new owner will continue doing what is right!

I'll give you an example... in the stock market...with cyclical stocks...if you are in a "down market" and you sell...you have "solidified your loss"!... however if you ride it out...buy low and sell when the market returns...you have solidified your gain!

Think about that! :wink:

Why should BY give an update?
We all know how it is going and pretty much how he feels after all these years.

I'm very happy that our owner doesn't go on the sidelines and into the players area like the Argos owner does .

Last game the A owner was down there right on the bench addressing A.Bruce after his Spiderman stunt,get outa there Mr Cinaminbun!
OSKEE WEE WEE..............................................