Where is the Blackout Announcement?

Well we are less then 72 hours away from watching the last NFL game ever played on Canadian soil and I still have not seen the announcement that Thursday's game will be blacked out 75 miles around Toronto.
If the NFL does not blackout this game then they are clearly not following their own policies.
I was just on the ticketmaster site and you can still get seats in the 100 level.


generally these guys rip you off.... they are nothing but high class scalpers....Not for this soldout event....
Anyone who buys a ticket from ticketmater is an idiot.

:lol: The NFL would never BO this game if it only had 1000 ppl in the stands,Buffalo has been punished enough with losing these games,they at least deserve to see them on TV and realise that TO is not a threat to take their team.
[url=http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/search/tix?query=bills+jets&catAbbreviation=tix&minAsk=min&maxAsk=max]http://toronto.en.craigslist.ca/search/ ... maxAsk=max[/url]

There is actually an ad where one of the sellers says,"Please be reasonable."
I think most of these people will end up holding the bag or actually going to the game.. Phil lind and Adrien Montgomery must be sweating in their sleep.

I'm not so sure about that... Goddall never even bothered getting on a plane last year to show his displeasure. Me thinky, that Goddal can't wait for this thing to come to and end.
The only thing that will be worse then this game is next season's preseason game, my god...can you imagine 10 000 people at an NFL game.
That is why I strongly believe that this will be the last NFL game EVER played in Canada.

You've never been to a pre-season Raider game :lol:

When is the game?

The final embarassment for this year's fiasco was the following day. Rogers Broadcasting, including Breakfast Television, was claiming a sellout. The more realistic CHUM stations, including my local affiliate, was stating the game was clearly not a sellout. CHUM, now owned by CTVGlobemedia, of course has closer ties to the CFL as a result of TSN also being owned by CTVGlobemedia.
Funny how BT was claming a sellout when many empty seats were visible even on their biased coverage.
BTW......the comment "You've never been to an Oakland Raiders preseason game".....judging by that comment, neither has anyone else. :twisted: