Where is the best site to find complete statistics

I have been looking at many sites for statistics and am finding it difficult to find team rankings. For example commentators on tv will say “that a team is leading or second in 22 out of 25 defence categories”. Where can a person find these? I am particularly looking for sacks made and allowed, average passing yrads per game etc.

I know that a number of you are excellent at finding videos clips, obscure references and articles and unique facts. I really love it when you post them. If you can help, please reply.


You know what's funny? I didn't even notice that Full League Stats link in the Stats area until you just posted it. That's pretty handy. :slight_smile:

ro1313, I was pretty sure that you in particular would come through for me. THANKS!

This is definitely there best year for displaying stats, but I don't think they are done yet. We should be able to find league and team stats for each and every year, all time records/best performances and the like. I would very much encourage them to continue to make the stats section more robust.