Where is the best place to watch tonight's 9PM game?

I want to watch the game some place with the most ticat fans.

Any suggestions?

my place, 60 inch high def plazma:) you bring the beer i already got the .... yes yes

no but really jus goto filthy's or boston pizza:) thats where i go somtimes

I would suggest going to Frisco’s. It’s a nice crowd and the game has a nice feel to it there as it’s a small place. Westtown is also great on Locke St.

go to a bar called the EndZone,it's on the corner of King and Rosedale in the strip mall beside the barn.
Trust me you will have a blast.

Have to Agree Get Place to See a Game..

Philthey's, and bring your tiger towel for 25% off!!

cant beat boston pizza. great place to watch the games.

Boston pizza has a great bar and is a great place to watch football !!!!

Too bad the pizza really blows at Boston Pizza... I nearly barfed the only time I was there, and there was no alcohol in my system.

lol yeh well next time get the wings:) n a picture of Canadian, you should be set :slight_smile:


i like the pizzas at boston pizza.
however, try a stroumboulopoulos and you end up with grease rolling down your arm.

have you had the wings at BP?? they are the worst wings iv'e ever had! Friscos has good wings and the Endzone has great wings! cheers go cats go!!

I would say ENDZONE also i love that place, but for last night i happen to have a projector at my place and watched it 8 feet tall on my living room wall. IT WAS GREAT

Ok, what's a stroumboulopoulos?

well it's really called a stromboli, but whatever.