=where is the best place to watch the grey cup==

== hello there

 i was wandering where is the best place to watch the grey cup...any suggestions from als fans . also anyone from montreal going to vancouver?

Really any local sports bar would be good as thats where most people go. Although if they had a big broadcast of the game on the scoreboard of molson stadium I would try to go to that. My bar of choice is PJs on St. Jacques but really whatever is closest to you youll enjoy the most

==== i remember in the 1993 final the habs presented the games in la on giant screen.....i wonder if that could be possible...humm what about watching the grey cup on IMAX.....

Keep on dreaming...the Al's organisation (not the players) aren't there to help out the fans or make life easier on them !

I'm speaking out of my own personnal experience from this year.

where are you gonna watch the game itd be nice if we can get everyone from the site back together for the grey cup

I'm going to a "private" party on the south shore with the Go Al's Go gang, we rented a place with 5 pool table, a bar, giant screen, small buffet...

=== sounds nice how do i get ion the gang also how big is the screen..... what about downtown.....i guess champs on st laurent.... the ideal would be on imax...can u imagine....that would be wonderful...think its possible?

to get "in the gang" just hang out here enough offer up interesting opionions and jsut get to know the other people that post here its a nice group of guys