Where is the Baltimore Stallions section?

I just came looking for some Baltimore Stallion posts but can't find any.

Welcome back Stallions fan, best US canadian football team ever :slight_smile:

Yes welcome back but please note that your favorite CFL team has ceased to exist for over 10 years now. I understand you want to see it happen again and that you just want to cheer for your hometown boys. Thats cool.

But what isn't cool is that it's not happening any time soon. So why don't you try picking another CFL club(perhaps one that is close geographically) to cheer for? You know you love this game! Take care friend!

That is low, he can cheer his team, the Montreal Alouettes/Baltimore successor.

He can if he's dillusional. If he isn't, I'm not the friend who'll let him continue on appearing confused as others make fun of him. The truth hurts sometimes, but it's still the truth.

You are no friend, you have delusion of having him cheer for another team, a crappy one at that, talk about delusions.