Where Is The Argos Losses Announcement?

At the end of each Argos season, someone usually leaks how much the Argos lost.

What happened this year?

Where Is The Argos Losses Announcement?

Considering the usual source of this news is now under the umbrella and party line, perhaps there are none to be announced?

I thought the usual source was Larry T?

Perhaps the losses weren’t bad and no news is good news?

I found they came from Prime Time Sports (Rogers)…more specifically Bob McCowan…

Now that he’s under the umbrella so to say, I think the losses will be…just lost::slight_smile:

Let’s wait till after Grey Cup week to revisit this question. That’s usually when some reporters like to break out the bad news CFL stories.

More likelyduring Grey Cup week.

That’s what I meant, actually. They’ll release the bad news in Grey Cup week, and if they don’t, we can discuss that lack after.

But now that Rogers is part owner of the Argos . . . who knows?

The Argos are under no obligation to announce their financials