Where is swervin-and-hiding-mervin????


...mervin, oh mervin - get that head out of the sand, you must stand up and take your defeats like a man. Serves you right for being so brazen and rude to those nice people from our heartland, the home of our medicare, Mervin - you just go out there, public, and be humble and admit those darn Riders WHUUUUUPED YOUR SAD LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man it was quiet in BC Place Stadium in the 4th quarter- like being in church!

What was Wally thinking??? What is Wally's win - loss recored in the playoffs?? :cowboy:

.............Oh Mervin- where are you , mervin??????????

Riders Rules
Leos Droooooooooooooooled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He told me he had Canuck tickets too.

so much for being a gracefull winner

It's Turkey... that's all I've got...

Where is Swervin? Who is overated now? Those stands cleared out fairly quickly today, with like 3 minutes left in the game. There was still a chance.

Turkey is incapable of being graceful anything.

P.S the plane gets in at 1:30 Monday morning. Seriously concidering going and seeing the soon-to-be Grey Cup champs.

lets not follow suite just because he did - Take the higher road and be graceful in victory

Good game Lions

this is directed to Swervin'nowhere to be seenmervin because he was so obnoxious and rude earlier. Most of us have a little fun smacking and supporting our teams. He crossed the line several times according to many of you. Sometimes things come full circle and are well deserved.

No question he was obnoxious and rude but what does that make us if we do the same? Obnoxious and rude. You've made your point now. Please don't ...

I recall reading posts during the year that say "where is turkey" after a sask loss. You disappear to at times dude, dont be a hypocrite. He could be out still I dont know or care. I know he is an ass and all but try not to be exactly like him. petty.

i took the high road before the game, I'll stay on the high road. those who run their mouth before games (i.e. Toronto's D for one) sometimes have to eat crow. I'm just pumped and so happy for the Rider players. they deserve all this.

Well , Well, Well, Looks like the Lions are not much of a dynasty after all .
Anyways I thought the Riders were well deserving of the Win , they outplayed the Lions all game , I think the Leo's were expecting to be handed the game and forgot to show-up . What was Wally thinking in putting in DD. I think JJ would have come around eventually .
I wonder if the Lions think their Fans are as Loyal to the team now, Did anyone see how many fans were leaving halfway through the 4th. For People who say they are the best Fans in the CFL sure didn't stay till the end to at least show their appreatiation for a great regular season .
I know the Canucks were playing at 5pm but to leave your team when they needed you most :cry:

dude give me a break. there was no appreciable exodus until late in the game, not 1/2 way thru the 4th. I know you hate and all but lets not bs. and for your info, some of them were sask fans.

Walby said one complete section was empty with 3 minutes left....

Then why leave? Don't you think the best way to show your support for your team would be to stay till the bitter end . Do you not think the Lions saw how many Fans were leaving even with 2min left on the clock. I just think that the Lions fans showed alot of disrespect , after all they were the defending Grey Cup Champions. I guess It's What have you done for me lately mentality in Vancouver.

I was still nervously watching when the Leos had the ball with a minute and a half hell I didn't relax untill the final whistle to be honest. I am too used to seeing the RR letting teams back into games (post this year). I just had this gut feeling that they were going to pull some merical out of their buts in the last bit. Never happened tho...... TO here we come.

Look at a tape of the t.v. broadcast. It showed the mass exodus - none were wearing green. Ask any friend who taped the game because or work committments. Then apologise for implying the above statements were b.s. Walby even commented on the broadcast how bad it looked! Denial destroys souls. Honesty ressurects integrity!!
Rider Pride Nation Wide!!!!!!!!!

There was less than 10 seconds left in the game before there was any "mass exodus". We sat in the parking lot for almost an hour before we finally got out on the street, it was so bad...and we waited until the crowds has thinned before heading outside.

After all the Lions have done for the Fans this year . Did you know they handed out Plastic Moustaches to all the Fans at the game?
I heard Debra refused hers because the real one she was wearing was bigger and more bushy then the plastic one.
Swervinmervin was offering Moustache Rides to Lions fans at the end of the game . Maybe thats why their were so many Fans leaving.