Where is Stala??

Where is Dave Stala? I know he is back and available to play off the Injured List and I saw him on the sidelines dressed standing beside Austin on Saturday but they are not playing him, is he still not 100% to play or are they keeping him out to play someone else?

I thought Fantuz had a so, so game on Saturday with catches, I think since returning from injury he has not been the same? Maybe get Stala and Fantuz in the line up against BC Friday Night, it would great to get Stala back in because of his catching ability and veteran experience!

I love Stala but lets face it , unless there is an injury he is not in the lineup. He knows his role to be there if needed but with our depth and talent at that position he isn t cracking the lineup.

Exactly! Dave's usefulness has expired outside of injury to other NI receivers. He will retire in the offseason & they'll have a "Stala Night" at the new stadium next year.

Actually last game he was the only reserve receivers on the roster were Canadians stalla and Charbaneau.
As Austin has done all season his has been looking to upgrade each week Sitting on the PR since AUG 6th is speedster Dexter Jackson former former Tampa Bay Bucs draft pick and part of the Appalacian st win over Michigan. All NFL option exhausted is the only other import rec anywhere on the Hamilton rosters. If j0ones or Gant go down look for him to get his shot Elligsworth or the Canadians Sammy or Andy will be Stala as CC has not played that well but is only his second season. Also Jackson returns Kicks

Sticky will end up in Ottawa next year for one more year and retire a Red Black!

It's a long season. Someone goes down, Stala will be called upon. Down the stretch and into the playoffs, you need guys like him.

He may have lost a half step but he'll be heard from again this season.

An Argo-Cat fan

actually he was really needed when Fantuz was out but he was he was out also on the 9 game. They got through all of that and have escapped with a 4-4 record. Now half way through the season. A nice test Friday night all the way in Vancouver.