Where is Siskowic

Where is Siskowic? I guess winning defensive player of the week earns you a spot on the bench with this Ticat management team.

He was a healthy scratch according to Ted Michaels. I know it sounds weird to bench the guy. It would be one thing to sit him and try out some other young kid at MLB, but they put Anthony in there. I'm pretty sure we know that Siskowic is our guy for next year, so why they put Anthony in I have no idea. I was really disappointed when I didn't see him out there cuz the last home game (against Montreal) he was all over the place!

Anthony was in? Funny I never noticed him!

A healthy scratch , just like Williams and Printers..................did anyone else pay money to see our 4th stringer play tonight :wink:

Printers was not a healthy scratch, he was dressed, just didn't see any action.

  I am glad we got a chance to see Tafralis; he has a good arm and a quick read and release.
  I'm surprised he hasn't already been anointed our next saviour, and where is the "Get rid of Porter, he's injury-prone" thread? <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:rockin: -->:rockin:<!-- s:rockin: -->

That thread comes next after one bad game or 2 from whom ever our starter maybe at that time. Hamilton is the only city I know where the best position to be on the team is second string QB

dont worry merlin im sure someones working on the next saviour thread right now.

Guys what's the deal with this "next saviour" thing you keep bringing up. No one is calling anyone the next saviour, but the same people keep accusing others of annointing the next saviour. Give it a break.
I asked where Siskowic is. Frustrated that he wins defensive player of the week and then sits on the bench like so many other players who seem to be better than what's on the field.

As far as Tafralis is concerned, I was very impressed with the 2 or three series that he got in on, including driving the Cats down the field for a TD the first time he touched the ball. Is he a saviour. Don't know. But he looked pretty good against a slack defence that could care less at that point.

my last post about starting a saviour thread was towards our qbs.

I wondered how long it would take for someone to mention the savior thread and Merlin was the first, salute to Merlin. :thup:

Yeah, he was the guy in the top right corner of the TV screen when Joffrey was running up the middle.
You must have been at the game!

ya, and he was the turnstile on the blocked fg.

I think they wanted to get another look at Anthony at MLB. Too bad he failed there. Maybe they will bring Siskowic in to play in Winterpeg.

Anthony was brutal against the run. He flat out can't play MLB. Siskoxic deserves a shot but I'm not sure he has the speed to pass cover. I'm hoping and expecting the CATS to aggressively recruit mlb's for next year, now that we gave ours away...

Man, we are suffering big time with our present line backing situation. :oops:

neither anthony nor siskowic have played well. saskatchewan and calgary averaged eight yards a carry on us, with most of the success coming right up the middle — and it didn’t matter who was playing MLB. you can’t win games when you can’t stop the run.
and when you’re successful in bottling up the calgary passing game, you better have an idea of how you are going to defend along the ground, particularly when it became obvious that burris wasn’t going to run it himself, which should’ve made it easier for us, but didn’t.
denny creehan is the worst dc in the league; he’s only here because 1) he’s better than ed o’neill, 2) he was available.

Gee whiz, if only we could have found a good middle linebacker, oh yeah, we had one :roll:

How dare you bring that up!! You know we traded Zeke because we had a younger, cheaper replacement waiting in the wings. :roll:

I’m not in the “Zeke’s washed up anyway” crowd. But in light of the discussions that have taken place on these forums, I was amused when I flipped the Winnipeg/Montreal game on for a minute on Sunday, and the first thing I saw was Moreno sprawled on the turf after a failed attempt to catch Mike Imoh.

That doesn’t erase all those successful QB draws in the recent Ticats/Riders game from my memory though. :wink:

BG...One! I thought we had a dozen in the wings! Or is that just how many we will go through before we find a replacement? :lol: