Where is Seth Small?

Marc Liegghio is doing well so far, but I was wondering what happened to Seth Small. He was great the 2nd half of last year.


The way Leggo is playing I think they will release Small and he can try the NFL


This was my response, copied from the “Depth Chart for 2023” thread, when the same question was posed, there, just a few days ago:

With Small, although I don’t think the whole story was ever told, it appears to be a case of him not wanting to be a Tiger-Cat, this year, and the club being very, very accommodating in trying to have him here. The issue may be related to the birth of his first child, sometime earlier this year.
He was suspended May 14th, when training camp opened.
Then, brought here, and activated on June 6th.
He played the first game, in WPG on the 9th, successful on his only FG attempt (31 yds) and his one PAT kick. He averaged 62.3 yds. on kickoffs, with the longest being 69 yds.
He was suspended, again, the day piror to the team’s second game, and we haven’t heard anything about him since, thanks, at least in part, to the consistency Marc Liegghio has shown in the past 3 games.

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He’s in the Stein black hole.


I had my doubts about Liegghio, due to his (lack of) performance in WPG.
I am pleasantly surprised by his accuracy on FGs and PATs, but he HAS to keep his kickoffs in-bounds.

His passport certainly helps his case too.

Frankly, unless it’s against the CBA, the team can keep him suspended for the entire season instead of releasing him. This prevents him from signing with another CFL team this year, and -might- cause issues if he wishes to try the NFL.

Since it seems as if we wil never know the story, due to the black hole that @Crash mentioned, and the complete lack of any follow-up by guys like Dunk and Milton with the player, then all we CAN do is speculate. Who knows? It may be an immigration/work visa issue, he may want to work closer to his family, he may have legal issues that prevent him from crossing the border, his baby may need serious medical assistance, or he may simply be giving the team the finger.

These guys stopped asking questions because of the reaction they got last year when they tried.

The fact that we have no idea if Bo is out 4-6 weeks, 6-8 weeks or for the season is absurd. But it’s the hand we’ve been dealt.

Liegghio has been fine, as others said, but in my opinion, not really tested.

Small is much better. Greater range, higher accuracy. Way better at kickoffs. I can assume there’s a reason Liegghio was available after the season had started.

It’s lucky for us that Liegghio was available, but Small or Lirim Hajrullahu would be much better. Lirim is with Philadelphia Stars of the USFL right now. He doesn’t seem to be able to stick with an NFL team unfortunately for him.

Hard to keep track of him.

So is he actually playing for less money than he could make in the CFL, just because he thinks it somehow gets him closer to an NFL job?

So it would seem. Good point. He could probably make alot more money with his MBA in Finance than either league, so that doesn’t seem to be his motivation.

Sure. Maybe he is desperate to play in the NFL because he likes the uniforms, and not because of the paycheque.

According to my secret sources from the OUA ( ha!) Liram’s family is very well off financially and he can afford to wait it out. I also saw some interview with him, last summer, where he said he had zero interest in going back to the CFL as he had nothing left to accomplish in Canada.

Liegghio is still a young kicker (26 years old), nobody can question his talent.
Maybe this is the year he puts it all together.



Appears he can’t accomplish anything south of the border either.


In his defense, especially between 2020-2022 there was no way there were 32 better kickers ahead of him in the NFL.


An important thing to consider is that he managed to get some sort of paycheque in the NFL in 2020 - something that wouldn’t have happened up here.

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I might have mentioned this previously but in a field goal kicker’s case, I don’t really see the difference between kicking in the CFL vs NFL. The distance is the distance regardless. Comes down to the snap, holder, same width of uprights as far as I know. In fact it might be harder to kick in some of the open ended stadiums here with strange wind currents versus enclosed bowl stadiums down south. There aren’t seven guys they have to go through to get the field goal off.

If you’re there for the ego trip or the money, I can certainly understand. But to act like the CFL is beneath you now doesn’t really fly with me. In this league he also had to hold down multiple jobs including punting. Understandable he wanted to give it a shot, especially during Covid when he would have been out of work here. But essentially he’s in his fourth year bouncing around practice rosters and trying to land a job somewhere. If it hasn’t happened by this point, he’s certainly not getting any younger and coaches aren’t suddenly going to change their preference for guys coming from big name NCAA programs. Wish him well but not sure what he’s trying to prove anymore - especially if, as you say, his family is quite well off.

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Pretty sure the only major differences WAS the hash marks… And now only the fact that NFL kickers don’t use tees. And CFL kickers do.

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I think the bigger question is WHERE IS JAMIE NEWMAN?


I would like to know that too!

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