Where is Senior ah me?

[i]Senior! Where you at dude? Enough of this absenteeism! This board (or bored) needs you.

If you have been banned, create a new account. The nickname "The dark Senior knight rises" would be cool! The "Bain's" (Bane) of your existence are pretty low profile these past few weeks. Come on dude, RISE!!!![/i]

[i]Again, where is the Senior? The team is in shambles, and no poetry from the Senior... For a guy who is always evoking doomsday scenarios about the Alouettes folding, he sure is quiet...

OH wait! He ain't around to complain, cause there is no way he can blame Trestman and Popp's NFL job search on Calvillo!

Is Senior really a fan? Or just a Calvillo hater and McPherson lover?

Oh Senior????????? :cowboy: :roll: [/i]

Maybe he took a job in Saskatchewan :slight_smile:

Probably. Found him on Riderfans.

Thanks for everything JP Bekasiak.

He must be smelling a trap...

johnny all italics: To answer your "where is " question, my guess is that the gentleman in question has stopped posting, in part, because of the virulent and malicious remarks you have been making about him in a period now going on to your second year of your participation with this forum. Like several participants on this forum, I sometime disagreed with his opinions and sometimes agreed. I have questioned some moves made by the coach and, general manager of our team and, I agree with the negative comments about these two that are found in these columns.
I do hope that the gentleman, you so often denigrat, will return and, reconnect with all of us who value constructive discussion and, I would suggest that you stop your "humorous " nasty comments about him.


Johnny can supply the barrel, Niagara... :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking in my crystal ball for 2013. I think we are going to need a great sense of humor to get through it :wink:

Senior will be back. I remember him saying he follows hockey during the winter season.

A bit over the top, no? :wink:

I agree

From the desperate tone of the header...I figured I needed to cross-post this:

Lovely Now that he's just about dismantled the Alouettes...hobbled them by insisting on playing an ageing and enfeebled quarterback for 5 years to the exclusion of ANY future we might hope for...Trestman sees the writing on the wall and starts shopping himself out to anyone with a buck.

According to the article in the Gazette:

http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/f ... story.html

Trestman is one of 3 candidates for the Bears HC job.
One of the other candidates is Darrell Bevell, the offensive coordinator for the Seattle Seahawks.
The guy who had a large hand in helping Russell Wilson lead the Seahawks into the second round of the playoffs...as a rookie!

So here's a lateral move for you guys:
Let Trestman take ANY HC or coordinator job he can find (he obviously wants to leave)
And try to entice Bevell into adapting the dynamic and creative offence the Seahawks morphed from the Redskins and RG3.

Oh Yah...and in the process CAN CALVILLO and offer McPherson a 5-year deal before it's too late.

Most people preface s**t by saying "I hate to say I told you so"
Frack That!
I told you athletic quarterbacks were going to be the wave of the future.
And look at the face of the NFL...in only one year!
RG3, Kapernik, Wilson...add a dash of Cam Newton...the times they are a changing my droogs.

Adrian McPherson is a bigger cut...from the same cloth.

I realise it's falling on deaf ears
But someone around here must see impending disaster
Now that it looms so large.

I hate to see my team fall apart before my eyes.
I figure I've done everything I can
To warn as many as I can.
But then people voted for Dubyah (apparently)
So expecting folks to be reasonable...
Is unrealistic...at best.

Trestman will/won't take a job somehere's else
But as long as Anthony Calvillo is at the helm
And we allow Adrian McPherson to leave
This team is on an inevitable downward trajectory
With only Kyle Quinlan to save us.
And he ain't no Gerry Dattilio

Give the man a banana
Nice to see someone pays attention


Oh...and by the way

The HUGE loss this off-season will NOT be Marc Trestman
In his pro-active attempt to get hired ANYWHERE in the NFL
Trestman is making it known that HE (at least) is aware the Alouettes have hit the skids
That Calvillo is on the down-shute
And he better get out of Dodge before sundown.

A better man would have ensured the security and future of the team
Before assisting in the entrenchment of a falling star
And allowing the future of the team to slip through our fingers.

But let's be honest:
This is the same Head Coach who had a spat with the ST coordinator
And from that moment was somehow content not to have a dedicated Special Teams Man
And to install his favourite "bud'-monkey for life.

Hey guys: How've you liked those ST units the last couple years?
Not to mention the BRILLIANT move to stick with the worst returner in the league (Maypray)
When Larry Taylor came sniffing around for work.
Trestman belongs in the NFL if you ask me
Where 50% of the return game is a fair catch or a touchback
Geez...learn the game already!

The Huge Loss of the OFF Season
Will be Adrian McPherson
The only hope this team has
Is if...in the wake of a Trestman NFL job
Calvillo decides (wisely) to hang 'em up
We scramble to get McPherson signed before the FA deadline
And hire a HC with the sense to build an offence around the guy

If so...
I predict dynasty within 2 years

While I'll be glad to see Brutus Trestman go, his job is to win NOW. It will be up to Cassius Popp to deal with the fallout of his bro's betrayal. Brutus Trestman made his decision shortly after the season ended IMO, that's the only thing that explains why Brady and Sinclair took off for the same job elsewhere. They knew whoever the new HC will be might not retain them or they may not be interested in working with him. So they got out ASAP.

No matter what happens we are screwed.

And his 4-year contract was a security blanket. When his assistants heard he wanted to go the NFL, they must have thought he was good enough to get the job and did not take a chance staying- despite the contract. Makes sense, and does not paint a pretty picture of the coach.

McPherson is going to be a free agent next month and has a respected agent in Darren Gill.

If he is highly regarded, he should be getting all sorts of NFL tryouts just as Mike Reilly has been getting.

And please let`s not hear that he has been blackballed by the NFL because of the mascot incident. An NFL team would sign a serial killer it it thought it could help it win.

It appears that Trestman made the NFL but Popp did not it- is this right? There has been lots of conflicting evidence about these two. So, we now appear to gave a GM but not a coach. i just hope that the team owner does not replicate a past move of giving the coaching position to Popp. Like some of you, I believe Popp will retain his GM status although one has to wonder if he has spent sufficient time scouting to find the few new players that this team requires. As noted by Senior, he has failed these past years to come up with the kick/punt person that this desperate team requires. I believe, through their recent actions, that their status has diminished in Montreal. I believe that McPherson will end up in the Western Conference. I will follow his career with geat interest.

Let us pray not, Niagara !!!!!!!!!!

If I had to take a stab at it. Considering where AC is at. My guess will be Douglas Berry or Daniel Maciocia :roll:

and please not Maciocia.