Where is Sam Giguere?

Is he still on a reserve or practice roster in the NFL?

As far as I know he's rehabbing a thorn hamstring in New York but not on any roster. Will see next year if he can take another crack at the NFL or hang it up.

Did he run a pass pattern into a rose bush?

Do you mean hang up his football career or his aspirations for the NFL?

Yeah torn...

Read he wanted one more crack at his NFL dream.

thx :expressionless:

as a side note, look at the size of Giguere on the homepage of his official website.


He looks more like a linebacker/lineman than a WR.

Imagine him as a TiCat running through the secondary like a bowling ball through pins made of paper mache.

Yeah he loves his muscles LOL ! I'll take a flea like Geroy any day. I always said he's a great athlete never sold on him being a great receiver.

I believe he won't make it in the NFL, and he appears not to be much interested in playing in the CFL. I tend to imagine him working in an office pursuing a career outside football after unsatisfactory recovery from his injuries.

LOL ! Bitter a wee bit ? He is healing fine. Just wonder about a guy's smart when he keeps getting injured from over training but I agree with you that he's not interested in the CFL and will likely move on and build himself a business in Montreal/Eastern Townships.

This has to be the 10th+ SG thread this year alone. If the internet and it's contributers are good for one sure thing it's redundancy. He was drafted 3 and a half years ago people.. take a hint. Don't be shocked if you never see him in the CFL.

There is also another thread with all the current info on Sam right here on the first page. So was this thread for others to tell you what it said rather than read it yourself. Here.. viewtopic.php?f=5&t=68005

A couple of Sunday's ago, Sam tweeted that he liked the idea of playing in Montreal some day.

How about for the Tiger-Cats in the eastern final if Montreal finsishes first. :wink:

Don't the Cats still have his CFL rights?
And why diss the team that thought so highly of him by selecting him with their first pick in 2008?

yes they do But he wants the NFL or nothing

I understand, but why tweet that he liked the idea of playing in Montreal some day, completely dismissing the Cats. :thdn:

From Twitter:

"Sam Giguere

Watching the @MTLAlouettes vs Argos today, sometimes I wish I played in Montreal...

10 Oct"

Keep in mind he's only played one (or is it two) regular season games in three years.

We selected Giguere with our second pick in 2008, Dylan Barker was the first pick.

I don't really care what Giguere says, if he no longer has options in the NFL then he can come to the team that owns his rights. If not, then don't play football.

Me thinks Hamilton is some backwater town to Mr. Giguere, just a feeling I have. My guess is he will never play in this town as a TigerCat. Perhaps he's burned his bridges here, not sure.

I'm sick of hearing about this guy. He obviously has no interest in the CFL and even less about the Ti-cats. If he's hung up about playing for his hometown then let's trade his rights to Montreal for one of their quality OL guys, while the guy still has some value attached to his name.

Well as long as he has NFL aspirations he has zero trade value. I'm not sure why he's hung on Montreal. Als don't use NI receivers, Montreal could have drafted him and didn't. We have two good ones right now and they have barely been used in two years. Even Ben Cahoon was somewhat pushed out. Only spot I could see Montreal interested would be in having him return kicks and I'm not sure he's durable enough. He will be 27 before season starts.