Where is Ronny Williams when we need him

I think everybody is wondering with all thses backs we barely get 100 yds between all of them, It seems alot of these Ottawa left overs are just that, Ranek is not strong or fast, he is TOO SMALL.
Holmes looks great but he is too versitile to leave at the back position all the time and Anthony Davis reminds of another little Davis!! We have to have either a descent running game or a better passing game to win and I dont think we want to be a single win team when we should finish at least .500 this with all the new changes!!

Without better run blocking it hardly matters who carries the ball. Even third and inches is a roll of the dice with this line. Unfortunately, I can't see the line receiving a major overhaul until after the season ends.

I agree with Porter24,our running backs have to deek out 5 guys before they hit the line of scrimage.Our offensive line should be embarrassed of themselves,we have not one inch of surge against the defensive line with no holes to run in
even the late Walter Payton would have trouble making it to the line of scrimage.
No running game hurts our passing game and that is why our offense is last in the CFL !!!!!!!!!!!!

Championships are generally won by the teams with the most balanced offenses, and of course, sound defense.

Thus far, we have none of these prerequisites, but some aspects of our game are beginning to show improvement.

Watching Ranek take names tonight, maybe? :wink: